Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where I am at with my French Shoppe

I have wallpapered the dining room, and finished prettying up the ceiling light. The wallpaper will need to be aged and maybe subdued a little. Haven't decided yet! I will need to add panelled dado to the walls too.
I have also done some work on one of the beds. I repainted it (again) and made a coverlet for it. I have to decide on what colour will go underneath it. I think it will be ivory.

Here is another photo of the bed in the bedroom. Again, the walls needs aging. I also don't think I like the green of the wardrobe and bedside in the room. May have to change those. And the chair is just to size up the space.

Lastly, although it isn't very exciting looking, I have tiled the entry. Again, the table is just a test run, and probably won't remain.

It is a little difficult to do too much more, as I need to purchase some more items (lights, flooring, tiles, etc). Hopefully I will do that in the next couple of weeks and can get moving. I am really looking forward to finishing the kitchen for some reason! I am really liking that little room.


  1. ooooohhhhh......verry nice!

  2. A really beautiful bed and I love the tiles too!

    1. This is really interesting going back through these posts for me! It has changed a lot between then and now.