Saturday, June 17, 2017

I'm feeling a bit spoilt plus Mountfield progress

Hello all. It has been quite a nice sunny (but cool) day and one of the few days I've been able to take the time to work on my minis for a couple of months. I took the opportunity to get a few things done and take some photos. I really want to get my Mountfield off to its new home so I finished off a good bit of the bathroom. All that needs doing is 1) gluing the toothbrush holder to the wall (which broke so I superglued the parts together) and 2) making the shower screen door. I want to add a robe to the back of the door one day, but other than that, it's done! No light going into the bath enclosure as I couldn't get a drill to angle into the space. And I probably should paint the ceiling light shade to match the wall lights. Here are photos:

When this gets to its new home, I will take better photos so you can see the details. 

And I need to finish the roof but am a bit stumped on that. You can see I gave it a flat roof, which I will paint to sort of match the roof tiles, but I don't know how to finish off the top edges where the tiles meet the flat bit. Would you put straight strips of flashing/lead? I was going to stick on overlapped tiles, like the corners, but not sure about that. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

And now, the reason I feel spoilt is my sister and mum went to Kensington Dollshouse Fair last month and came home with many amazing things. Too many I think! I took some quick photos so you can see:

Cute little Veronique Lux toys! I wanted one of her monkeys as our little girl had a toy monkey, which now sits on our bed, and I just wanted one in mini too.

Plus a birdcage! The additional bird and Francine Coyon fishing creel were gifts from my sister.

A Jane Harrop 1:24 bathroom. It looks adorable.

Beautiful Glasscraft cranberry glass:

Alison Davies chairs (there is an additional one I didn't photograph) and sofa:

Kitchen utensils from the Little Dollhouse Company: (that bottle brush is my favourite!!)

And these Robert Dawson Modelroom dormer windows (there are four). Tossing up using these for my chateau, but more likely they will go on my future scratch built Beacon Hill (I actually purchased these and just got mum and sister to collect them). I would need an additional one of I used them for my chateau.

Did you all get some mini work done? I hope you found the time and inclination. Starting is the hardest part isn't it?? Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Xxx

Saturday, May 27, 2017

More Mountfield changes!

Hello all on a bleary cold Victorian autumn day. Thought I'd show an update photo of the arch installed in the Mountfield bathroom, although it needs a little puttying and painting. Unfortunately the card bent a little where the arch meets the wall, but not much I can do about that. Sorry it's so dark. It's a very dreary day here.

Also thinking I'll change the loungeroom wallpaper. What do you think? It's warmer and more old-timey, and more along the lines of what I think should be there. 

Here you can also see my carnival glass pieces and a new cabinet I purchased for here (it looks quite orange doesn't it?).

I am also thinking of changing the wallpaper in the front bedroom. These stripes are the wrong colour - imagine them in green. The alternative is the same wallpaper as currently there (Itsy Bitsy Mini) but in the green.

I really need to stop making changes to this house so I can move it out to start on other projects. To be honest, I'd like to start from scratch and make an English Edwardian townhouse in a Sid Cooke Highgate and do the Mountfield in 1940s style, but too late for that at this stage. Plus I can't afford the Highgate. Hope you are having a great weekend everyone. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Sydney Miniatures Fair

Hi all. It's been a very busy month getting ready for the Sydney Miniatures Fair and I haven't done anything much other than preparing for the show - which, for the record, was a success!

And my purchases:
Margaret Croswell's beautiful porcelain:

Some 3D printed carnival glass and radio from Minis by Twinmum and a crocheted tea cosy by Gwen from Ballarat:

And some mini knitting by Lynda'z Handiworx I think it is (lost her card in the post-show mess):

The pink thing is a hot water bottle cover in case you couldn't quite tell. I also picked up some furniture which I'll post on a day when I am thinking a little clearer! Hope you are all well and that the week is kind to you. Xx

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

ACTME Miniatures Fair, Canberra

Hi all. Weekend just gone, my mum and I made the drive over the hills to Canberra for the annual miniatures fair. We had a lovely (but short) weekend and caught up with some lovely people there. A big shout out to the great members of the ACT Miniatures Enthusiasts group who were very friendly and helpful and enthusiastic.

I was on a very limited budget, but did come home with some goodies. A ceramic doggy very much like my little Tilly dog. Not really a dollhouse acquisition (no dog is that shiny!! Especially ours who loved mud) but sometimes you just have to put these things into your mini house just because you have to. And a kitty as a gift for a friend (I thought it would be cute on the mantle). A beautiful quilted cushion made by the very talented Dawn (I think she only sells at shows) and a hat that Dawn was selling for a friend which only cost me 50 cents! The hat *may* go in a 1:24 house (it's a little large) and the cushion will go in my (future) mens store.

Some books from Michelle's Miniatures: Shipwrecks and nudie postcards for the mens store mentioned above, and notebooks maybe for my French shop and my Coxwolds.

And lastly, some silk threads for tassels and mini cotton reels (I am hoping to dye the cream thread), as well as some cashmere thread to try mini knitting or crochet one day. I was pretty happy about these threads as I have wanted some for ages and it's really expensive online, but I want more colours. Need to keep looking at the shows!

Hope you are all well. I need to head off and do some work now!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mountfield and French chateau progress

Well, here in Oz, another weekend is almost over. Where does it go?? I spent a good part of this afternoon scraping off the wall tiles in the old Mountfield bathroom which wasn't a huge drama, but one of those jobs I am just too lazy to bother with! In case you were wondering how I did it, I just tore off what I could of the tiles (paper with a shiny plastic coated surface), using a craft knife to get under the edges, then wiping a damp cloth over the paper residue. When it got damp enough, it just kind of rubbed off (using the cloth and finger nails). The floor tiles were another matter. They stayed where they were and I put the floor boards over the top. Problem 1: the floor boards were a different colour to the original ones in the other rooms (but I stained them all anyway, but even with the stain, the new boards are a slightly different colour); and 2) I stupidly put the floor boards running in the opposite direction to the rest of the house. Never mind. With a rug, I am not sure it is something you will notice.

This room doesn't really have a use yet. I am not much into kids' rooms but I do have a few little boys toys that I could've used here had I thought to put a boys wallpaper in there, rather than flowers. I have a little cot from my very first dollhouse, made from a kit, and it is white and blue, hence could've put that in there. So I am thinking either a child's room with the cot repainted, or a sewing/other room, similar to my music room I had at the back where the new bathroom was relocated to. (And yes the ceiling has scabby marks I need to fill and paint)

I have also been doing some work on the French chateau, mainly the salon, entry and courtyard which are all on the ground floor, and some exterior work. Here you can see the entry with stairs my husband helped build. This room will have a door on the right side, leading to the salon and I was going to have a matching door at the back leading under the stairs. My thoughts were that this would be visually very busy, as the two doors would be very close together and ornate. So I could put a niche on the stair wall (but they're not entirely my thing) or a smaller, plainer door (utilitarian). If I do a door, it could open and reveal a secret passage, or even a secret world! It's only a small space though - about 12cm wide and 10cm deep. What are your thoughts? Any crazy, whacky ideas??

Hope your weekend has been a good one. Xx

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mountfield bathroom update

Hi all. Happy Sunday! I did get some done on this project a couple of weeks ago but have not progressed since then. You may recall I was waiting on white tiles. When they arrived, I realised I needed cream tiles. Sigh. Fortunately I had *just* enough in my leftovers (from the kitchen) to finish the borders same as the original bathroom. Some of the fittings and accessories are glued in now, and a new hole drilled for the light. Still a few things to be done as you can see. I was going to use a different top edging tile. There was one with the set that had a scalloped edge, but it had white on the negative side of the scallop. Given the patterned border tile is cream not white, I thought this was odd. And disappointing. I wasn't going to attempt to cut the white bits off the scalloped tile, so just went with the thin one instead.

It may not have been wise, but I carried the tile across the front of the bath. I think I will add a border to fill in the gap along the top egde of the bath so it doesn't look so odd. But I am tired and today I have run out of steam!

Although it is harder to fit in all the things I want to fit in, I like the bathroom here better than at front of the house.

And before I leave you be, I want to thank everyone who left a kind comment to my previous post. It is nice to have the support and words of advice, and to know that I am not alone is reassuring. It is hard to find the right words sometimes! Take care everyone!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Nothing to do with miniatures - read at own risk!

I have had an awful 6 months, dealing with the loss of my little princess Tilly. It follows about 6 years of being bored and miserable in my employment. Also, I am really bad at sleeping. This morning I took a walk as soon as I woke up as a pamphlet about sleep habits says it's really useful for getting into good sleep patterns and reducing depression. I have known for years about blue light and orange light and patterns due to seeing a sleep specialist but I guess I just get lazy. I wonder "why bother?". Then today I said mean things about an overweight woman I saw with a respirator. I was sitting here, enjoying a Friday afternoon vodka (apple! Mmmm!) when I realised that part of the self-hate, misery thing is probably partially due to my judgement of others and myself. I know how hard it is to lose weight. I am not fat, but I have a higher body fat percentage than I'd like. I have made the new year's resolution for the last few years to not judge people, and I largely kept that up, but I didn't make a resolution this year. I think I need to commit to that again this year - to not judge others and also not judge myself. I don't know that lady's circumstances. I know life can be really hard. I know that bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people. I don't even know what triggered this thought process. All I know is that I need to change my thoughts and be happier. Anyone got something they'd like to say? Any resolutions you'd like to try out, even though we're in February?