Saturday, March 17, 2018

Roombox for a friend

Hello everyone. Sorry it has been so long between posts. This is the third time I have sat down to post on blogger, but still having issues with it.

I have been mini-ing. But I have been doing other things as well. I made a heap of little clothes for a friend for her Blythe doll, and also for a little sister petite Blythe I sent her, and packaging them all up individually in boxes. Here is a photo! Unfortunately I didn't get too many pics of the clothes, but that is OK. The second photo shows most of the items - one big, one little!

For the same friend, I also made a roombox. She is the one who embroiders, and made my doggy cushion you saw in the last few posts. Now I rushed the photos and took them in the evening, so they are not good, but hope you get something out of them. The fire flickers and the stars out the windows twinkle. I couldn’t get the door hinged - it was beyond me. Her father is a modeller so I figured he might have more success than me. Plus it took me so long I just wanted to get it to her. She lives about 6 hours drive away, and I was going to be seeing her for the first time in a very long time, so it had to go to her unfinished.

This is the whole of the outside of the box. A piece of acrylic slides in and out so that dust is kept out. There is also a lid in the ceiling for access from above.

This is the little window that you can just see in the right of the above photo, on the porch. It is lit behind but isn't accessible.

This is the right side of the box, showing the (unhinged) front door. Needs a door handle.

This is the inside view, where you can sort of see the twinkling stars. I painted MDF with sky/clouds then drilled tiny holes in it, poked optical fibres into the holes and glued them there, then lit them from the other end.

Here is another photo, with a close-up of the fireplace. I mostly made this, other than the Phoenix Miniatures fire grate. I love Phoenix stuff. You can't see them unfortunately but the side walls are all panelled on the lower parts and the William Morris wallpaper above. My friend is a William Morris fan.

These are some Nicola Mascall Christmas stockings my friend embroidered for me. Adorable!

And lastly I got a bit done on my Coxwolds. Here is the bathroom almost done, except for the vanity. I have decided on what I will use (well, mostly) now I just need to make it. The bath and toilet aren't glued in. The bath has to have a shower over it, so I will need to magic one up out of parts. That is daunting.

Workwise, I had a very busy November to January period and a quiet February, so I kind of fell into a slump. Finding it a little hard to get motivated. On the upside I have been cleaning and rearranging my craft room. I hope to have it in a good state so I can start working on all my work minis there instead of in the kitchen making a mess. I have also taken advantage of the good weather and got some work done around the home. Nothing exciting, but it feels good to get these things done. I spent a bit of time making up a cabinet for under my work table, which freed up lots of space in my craft room:

I have since made drawers for many of the cubby holes you can see. The small cubbies at the top of the second photo now hold my sticks - architraves, cornice, other mouldings.

And lastly, I purchased a rehab - the Fairfield. It was absolutely appallingly put together. Sooooo rough. You cannot tell so much from the photo. The lady I purchased it from said she had been doing minis for many years, since she was a kid. Ummmm, yup. Anyway, it has had a lot of parts pulled off. I recut many parts, including all the roof parts as the shingles were put on so badly (she had fully shingled all the roof parts, then stuck the house together, so there were shingles on the bits where roof parts were supposed to be joined). I am setting this aside though until I get a few other projects finished off. At some stage I will do a post on what my plans are for this.

Hope you are all well and getting lots of work done on your minis! And if I don't comment on your blogs, it is because I am having trouble with that too, so don't take it personally! I am getting lots of error messages, particularly from non-Blogger blogs and also from the fancier formatted Blogger blogs. Something to do with new IOS updates I guess. Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Shoutout to Ipad bloggers

Ok, so I have been trying out a few apps for blogging using the ipad. If you also blog from your ipad, you may know that Blogger is not going to update their ipad app and it doesn’t work at all now. I have tried a couple of other apps with little success. Anyone have any suggestions for a decent blogging app? I have started thinking that it may be easier to change to another blog format. Thanks for any tips you may have.

Just testing

A new blogging app, but I don’t think I like it. A bit clumsy.

Anyway, will show some photos of the Government House in Hobart, Tasmania, where we had a reception with the Governor during our AMEA convention. She lives here....

Friday, October 27, 2017

Good morning! Or at least it is in Australia! I had the brilliant idea to write this post on our crappy laptop so I didn’t have to wrestle with ipad blogger, but it turns out the space bar doesn’t really work on the laptop. Geez you hit that thing a lot when typing sentences. Moving along, just thought I’d show you a picture of the back of the cushion my friend made. She didn’t like the fabric that came with the kit and after a bit of brain storming, I suggested stitching her initials. Didn’t she make that beautiful too? Sorry for dark photo, it is a very dull rainy morning here.

And also a new project I am working on. This will be a 1:24 kit soon!

  • PS It turns out that blogger is almost as painful on the laptop as on the ipad! Yay!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

AMEA Tasmania convention

Hi all. As I had a few people ask about how the convention and workshop went, I thought I’d do a quick post. The convention was fun. It was held over four and a bit days - sales on Friday evening, workshops Saturday, Sunday and Monday, a dinner on Saturday night, a reception at Government House on Monday evening and a mystery bus tour on Tuesday. It was a great group of people, really fun and lively. My workshop was two days and although it was great and my students and I learnt lots, it was quite taxing. I don’t think I would do such a long, intensive workshop again. Here are photos of the 1:24 two sided roombox I taught. Everything is laser cut then painted and aged. 

And here is a photo of the lovely ladies during the workshop! Don’t they look studious? 

We visited the Beaconsfield Mine visitor centre, which was an operating mine until more recent times. It had also collapsed near the end, trapping two miners and killing a third. It was big news here. Anyway, they had lots of interesting displays including this little hospital roombox! Very cute. 

Again have to leave it there as Blogger is about to suck my will to live. I just realised I have a (also infuriating) Lenovo laptop that I might be able to use Blogger on better than the ipad. Hope your week is going well!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Little bits

Hi all. After a busy year, I have finally had some proper weekend time to get some things done on my mini houses and the real house. First thing I want to show you is a sweet little cushion my friend made me, sitting on the armchair at the back. The doggy looks just like my Tilly dog, although my little girl had black and brown on her head and spots on her back. It is beautifully made and the stitches very fine. I adore it.


Next is the fireplace in the cafe of the Coxwolds store. My husband and I had a week in Tasmania, as I attended the Australian Miniature Enthusiasts’ convention (I actually taught a workshop, which is a whole different story altogether!) and it confirmed something I had been suspecting for a good long while - that the little shop could have been a colonial building in Hobart. So that is where I have decided it will be set. I came home from Tasmania with quite a few goodies and many of them will go in this house.


I wanted a rustic, cosy cafe and decided that the occupant stripped off the old plaster and paint on the chimney breast, exposing the brick underneath. I just used textured brick paper (that World Model stuff) and smudged on bitsbof cream paint. I think it worked ok but is a little patchy. Maybe a bit more paint would be better. I figured it would be mostly covered by a painting, mirror or sign, so will see how it looks with accessories first.

And lastly (and quickly, this is the sitting room of my Coxwolds. Things have kind of just been put here, and I realised I love them. I couldn’t decide on a table/sideboard/cabinet for the space next to the fireplace and just put this half painted wire table because I found it in the stash. I think it might be perfect (when it is finished). You can see a Margaret Crosswell ceramic bust and an Art of Mini hatbox (from a kit) on the fireplace. The table has a Veronique Lux birdcage (which I’ve shown before in my post about awesome stuff my mum and sister got at Kensington fair this year) and a basket from an Etsy seller. Can’t remember her name but she was recently featured in one of the mini magazines. I love it all together.

Augh, I have to finish this post now as Blogger IS SO APPALLING ON THE IPAD AND THEY HAVEN’T UPDATED THEIR APP. Sigh. Hope your weekend was good! (Better than Blogger anyway) 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Back to Duddingwells

Hello all, happy Friday! I have been sick with a cold this week. I think because I don't get sick very often, I really feel it when I do. Anyway, I haven't got a lot done this week, other than reading! 

I am trying to get rid of some builds from my craft room, which means finishing some things off. The landscaping of the Duddingwells had stalled because I was too lazy to finish it, and I buggered up the wiring inside, which buggered up a wall finish, so I have been trying to figure out how to cover it up. So it has just sat with nothing being done. The last few weeks I have been working on it little by little. I have just about finished the wisteria. I made a wire stem and branches, put some paperclay over it and painted it. Then I tried making the flowers with floral foam, but it was too fine and the racemes were too small. So it sat unfinished too. Then I got out the paperclay and built up racemes, painted them then glued on chunky purple floral foam. Once dry, I brushed on some lighter purple paint and then some white near the top of the racemes. Here are some photos, if you can see.

In this photo, the painted racemes are on the left half (albeit not quite finished):

Here are the painted ones closer up:

And here the unpainted ones:

It might look better in real life! Anyway, I am happy with them. I have also added some leaves, but not a lot. Usually wisteria flowers well before leaves appear. I will show some more photos soon, when I have done a little more. 

Just before I go, sending good non-hurricane thoughts to all those in Hurricane Irma's reaches. I hope you stay safe and dry. Goodbye everyone!