Monday, August 8, 2016

Lovely city of Adelaide

Hi everyone. A little thankyou to those who posted kind and thoughtful comments on my last post. I haven't thanked you or commented individually I'm sorry, but it means so much to me that you did comment. It is hard to adjust to life without someone so dear but we are getting there. It's just pretty lonely! 

On to other matters, my sister and I attended the Adelaide miniature show last weekend which was fun. Adelaide is a nice city and we saw some lovely houses on our drive to and from the show venue. Many of them weren't old but new made to look old. I was pretty impressed with the standard actually - nothing much like it in Victoria unfortunately. 

And from Hahndorf, just out of the city:

I will try to post an update on some of my 1:12 projects soon (although it doesn't look like I've made much progress on any of them!). Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Trying to find the new normal

Friday we lost the love of our lives. Our little Tilly dog left us. She was calm and at home and happy but tired. It was time for her to go. 

I never knew I could love like that, I can barely comprehend it. From the moment she came home as a puppy, I was a-gonner. Every second of every day, I fell a little more in love. Every second of every day, I knew I was heading for heartbreak. The house is so quiet and everything feels meaningless. Something we will never recover from. 

We are fortunate that things still smell like her. I wish I could bottle her smell. I would press my face against her head and breathe in, trying to breathe in her particles, to make her part of me. I don't think I needed to, she always was a part of me, but I needed to commit that smell to memory. Although half the time she never really had much of a smell. 

We have started to put a photo book together, discovering photos of her from long ago. It has been gut-wrenching and therapeutic. She was such a character. She loved to sleep in the clean washing, often teetering on the top of a huge pile in the laundry basket, and not always succesfully. She knew her own mind, taking orders from no-one. She loved her walks and chocolate, found other dogs mostly tiresome and stupid. She loved her family; despite her bravado, she needed her people. She loved sleeping in sunshine, the family farm and chasing rabbits. I would always say 'it's a good thing you're cute Tils, it's your only redeeming feature'. She was naughty and at times infuriating, but also funny. Always cute. Always loved. 

Her nest is still set up on the couch, monkey keeping a watchful eye. Her bowls out and at the ready. Her meds still in the cupboard; clean jumpers ready for cool mornings. I will always keep a little of my food aside for her, always rush home so she isn't lonely. Never stop loving that little girl who never stopped loving us.

I have no idea what comes next. I can barely breathe much of the time, much less function like a person. I am fighting every instinct to dig her up because she will be cold and wet and it fills my mind. She made us and has broken us. We are the luckiest people in the world. 

She was my north, my south, my east and west;
My working week and Sunday rest;
My noon, my midnight;
My talk, my song.
(WH Auden, Funeral Blues)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Melbourne Miniatures and Dollhouse Fair 2016

Hello all. Had an amazing weekend at the Melbourne miniatures fair where I had the good fortune to meet some really great people. 

Thanks to all the VAME folks for squeezing me in and making me feel welcome. As a dealer, it was a fantastic atmosphere. I met a lot of very enthusiastic, helpful and encouraging people, both dealers and customers alike. The positive comments I received were overwhelming, so thanks everyone for making my first Melbourne fair a huge success! 

I did make the mistake of complimenting some 1:48 scale gypsy wagons and commenting that I was working on designs for one of my own. I was promptly chastened and told all about copyright.... Hmmm, apparently these gentlemen own the copyright to gypsy wagons. Someone should tell all those other mini makers out there that have gypsy wagons in their range. Well, I guess if that's the most annoying thing to come out of the weekend, then I did pretty well I reckon!

A little peek at my table:

I hope you all have a great week everyone!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mid winter post

Kinda boring. It is cold, I'm cold, I'm over being cold, winter's just started, blah blah blah. On the upside, I have some new kits coming out very soon, and will be at the Melbourne Miniatures Fair on 9 and 10 July. Come and say hello if you are there.

Here are some pics of new kits being developed:
A little fridge:

A firescreen:

An armchair that will probably not be ready for Melbourne:

The kitchen for the Carmel cottage:

And lastly, if you are a Facebook fan, I have started a page:

Come along and 'like' and I will do my best to keep it updated. Hope your week is going well and that you are also getting some mini work done. Take care everyone xx.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Carmel cottage kit

Hello everyone. Just wanted to give an update regarding my Etsy store. I have listed another little house kit, the Carmel cottage, based on the gorgeous Hugh Comstock cottages in Carmel-by-the-sea, California. I love these houses, as well as the beautiful little town they are nestled in. I didn't get much of a look there, but enough an idea of the character. Another visit is definitely on the bucket list!

I have since mounted this little cottage onto a base with a turntable, and done a fair bit of landscaping. I love how this has turned out!

I am working on a French sofa/armchair set as well as armchairs for this cottage but they are proving difficult. There are too many curves in too many directions necessary for a good design, not to mention the fact you can't really laser cut too many foams. Anyway, hopefully by July I will have something ready. Take care everyone!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sid Cooke Coxwolds store

As requested, here are some (bad) photos of my Coxwolds kit (it is tucked into a shelf unit, so hard to photograph). I love this kit, and I am really happy with how it turned out.

Little entry/stairhall on the left side (this will be aged when the timber is all finished and glued in place):

Bathroom, above the entry:

I think it is less bright in real life, a little dustier. There will be a wall at the back, yet to be inserted. I was trying to get all my wiring figured out before getting too far ahead.

I recut the doors so they were a little more detailed, and had a go at hinging the doors yesterday, and this is how it will look (not fully installed thankfully):

But when I tried to open them, this is as far as they opened:

Maybe 45 degrees. The screws for the hinges are too chunky and prevent the hinges opening fully. So I am thinking of maybe just gluing the hinges on and putting some brass brads in the holes. Or just gluing the doors in place. I'm not a doors-opening-drawers-full-everything-has-to-work person, but for photos, I think it would be cute if they did work. Any suggestions?? I know that many of you out there have some amazing work-arounds for all sorts of things.

I want to get moving on this project. And then get some patience to make flowers for this, my Mountfield and Duddingwells. 

Bye for now!

Dollhouse dilemmas

Hello all. Another week started - where are they going??

I had the chance to work on some of my 1:12 projects over the weekend but didn't make a lot of progress. As per this post's title, I am a bit undecisive about a few projects:

1. I haven't worked on my French chateau much as I am contemplating either pulling it down and remaking it from gatorfoam, or having the back, sides and floor laser cut in 6mm ply. The reason being I am worried about strength and rigidity in such a large structure. I dread the thought of having to recut the windows in gatorfoam, but it would be the lighter option than ply (even light ply). Still, I'm not going to be carrying this baby around, am I? I suppose the other options is making it in roomboxes. But then you have the issue of joining them seamlessly.

2. I really want to relocate the Mountfield bathroom into the music room at the back of the house, maybe then putting the piano into the dining room. But it's about finished. Not sure about ripping two rooms apart and having to redo them. Here is a photo of the front as it is and some of the bathroom about done (with a little room left for some choice minis as I find them!):

And the front entry:

3. I put many of my painted metal minis into the 1:12 doll shop and I don't like the paleness of the room with the toys. So this isn't much of a dilemma anymore, as I tore it all apart at the weekend.....

Chaos and devestation. By yesterday afternoon, this is how it looked:

The alcove/door bit is just foamcore. It needs to be painted. Next step is to make a shelf unit to match the one on the right and then paint all of the timber/trim in a pale grey-turquoise-green colour. Or something. I spent a lot of time looking at Veronique Lux vignettes and thought I'd try something along those lines. I think I'll try colouring the wallpaper too, maybe a teabag stain. I probably shouldn't have stuck all the trim back in, but I couldn't help myself. I think I just like to make things hard for myself.

If you have any golden nuggets of wisdom to help me with my dilemmas, I'd love to hear them. Have a great week everyone.