Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some pretty pictures from France

Hi all! Nice to be in contact with the world again! I am in France still, and we have not had internet access until now (10 days without internet - eek!!). So I thought I would post some pictures of some things we've seen.

This was a little cafe that we went past in Paris. Very cute!

Main Street USA, Disneyland (Paris Disneyland of course!).

This one is a little cafe we found in one of the passages in Paris, can't remember which one, but near/adjoining Passage Jouffroy. Awesome detail. The passages are basically arcades or early malls.

This is the interior of another cafe which I loved. We didn't eat there, we just stuck the camera up against the glass and clicked! It was an old railway carriage or something I think.

This one is a typical shop in Paris, but an extra pretty one!

Lastly, here is a picture of the town we are staying at now, called Vannes in Brittany. It was settled by the Romans in about 58AD! The buildings date from about the 13th century. The town is walled and has a moat. Seriously amazing.

I am so in love with the shops in Main Street USA. I am so inspired to make mini versions when I return home! I also loved Toad Hall, so will eventually work on making one of them.

Now my apologies to the lovely bloggers who have sent me awards. I am not ignoring them deliberately! It is so appreciated. It is just so nice to know that people other than my mum and boyfriend appreciate my work! I am also pleased that people still read it despite my occasional rude outburst about my frustrations with society!! Given I don't have my own computer and time constraints, I am not putting the awards on my blog, but I am passing on the compliments (and awards) to my fellow bloggers and readers who I find so encouraging and inspiring. Keep up the good work everyone!

And don't worry, I am having a petite macaron for each and every one of you! (and geez are they good!).


  1. Thank´s for inspiring pictures for all us lovers of
    France! Enjoy the macarones and welcome back:-)

  2. Shannon! how wonderful to be in France. Keep those pics coming for those of us who can only dream of such a journey!

  3. I´ve got an award for You in my blog!
    I just love your pictures!