Friday, September 10, 2010

My favourite...

Thanks Karin for the beautiful picture of the Belle Epoque villa - I love it and look forward to seeing more pictures. I loved the rustic French cottages, especially the stone ones. But my favourite one from our trip to France was this one:

It is not a good photo because we took it from a moving bus! It is in Vannes, which was a very cute seaside town in Brittany. We didn't have time to get off and take proper photos so we had to rely on the camera's sportsmode! We managed to get enough for a rough idea of the front. I will one day make this into a 1:12 mini version with an art nouveau interior.

And Linda, have an amazing time in France and Italy. I look forward to seeing your photos and some tips for travel in Italy!


  1. Thank you so much Shannon.
    Paris hold a very special place in my heart...but I think Italy (Genova) will be amazing also....can't wait!!

    Linda x

  2. Very sweet house, I hope you do realize it in miniature someday. If not the dreaming about it is almost as much fun.

  3. An especially beautiful little villa ... cannot wait to see your version of it. Karin's absolutely right ... the dreaming of such brings much pleasure! I can visualise construncting a whole piece in my mind's eye, and when it's finally in the works, it all fits together pretty much as it was imagined.