Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The monumental disasters of doll housing 2

Hello all. just a quick post to let you all know I am trying to comment on your blogs (not to mention reply to comments on my own) and it just doesn't want to work. I have tried to find answers but you know how it goes. Anyway, I will try to work something out.

So you'll notice the title of the post being monumental disasters part 2. This was the next disaster:

See my nice white toilet and the yellow bath? Sigh. I suspect I put too much triple thick on at once and it yellowed as it dried. So I had to sand then paint white then new varnish. It doesn't look great, the surface is quite textured, but at least it is white. And it is tucked inside so hopefully the rough surface won't be very noticeable. I also filled the indentations where the kit taps usually attach. 

Also American Miniaturist is running a series of techniques articles from this month onwards using my Nutcote kit! Quite exciting!

Have a great day everyone. It is another hot one here and I want to get a little laser cutting done before it gets too hot. Will post Coxwolds progress very soon! X


  1. You have to be signed into Google+ to reply to your comments. They switched stuff around for how blogspot works.

  2. Congratulations!!! It is such a neat house and this is just the kind of exposure that will expand awareness of your awesome house and furniture kits!
    I feel your pain Shannon! Not only have I had Triple Thick yellow over time, I have found that it tends to look cloudy if applied too thickly or in too many coats over printed images. And I learned the hard way that if applying it over printed images, you must seal the image first with Mod Podge or spray sealer, otherwise the image ink will run.
    Hope you figure out the comment issue - it must be so frustrating, too! And I bet the tun in white just looks like old, repainted tubs are supposed to!

  3. So sorry the bath tub was so much work. I don't think anyone will notice the texture.

    Congratulations again on the American Miniaturist series! I am looking forward to reading it.

  4. Congratulations on your publication, and I wish Red Cottage miniatures great success in the New Year!

    Disasters just prove that doll-housing builds character!

  5. Hi Shannon! I had the same thing happen to me regarding my blog and my daughter had to install Google Chrome in order for me to get back into the loop.
    Meanwhile your bathtub disaster must feel particularly maddening as you are always so careful with all of your work and plastic is not that easy to strip, however in the photos it does go well with the woodwork so perhaps you could do the same thing on the toilet and sink.
    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS on your technique articles in the American Miniaturist Magazine - yet another well-earned feather in your cap and a Happy Way to begin your New Year! :D

  6. Shame Shannon, sounds like Triple Thick is something one should avoid, I've heard of other disasters. I hope you get your blog comments fixed. Had a lot of trouble with mine a while ago, but eventually Google fixed something and now it's working fine again.

  7. Hi Shannon,
    Today I can leave comments! It seems to change daily and I do not change anything!
    Well done on your technique articles being used by the AMM. I do hope it brings more attention to your wonderful blog.
    I could hear the nashing of teeth over the colour difference of the toilet and bath.
    We have been following the high temperatures being reported in Australia.
    Hope it abates soon.
    Regards Janine

  8. Hi Shannon! I am so far behind on all my blog comments... but I have been reading them in snippets here and there! I looked at your bath dilemma, and my first thought was that your tub looked just like all the old claw-foot tubs I have ever seen! LOL! Stained... chipped... impossible to get really clean and white! But alas, I know that is not what you wanted to hear or see. My second thought was that this is exactly the sort of dilemma that slows many of my projects to a crawl... being unsure of the materials and the Long-term effects they will have! Glue failure... fading..... chemical incompatibility ..... and these things only reveal themselves with time. Your example is one among many recent "material failures" that have been aired on the blogosphere and I want to thank you for that! Your painful lesson may save many of us from the same sad problem! I am hoping your renewal of the tub surface will prove stable and durable! I look forward to seeing more! (And do keep cool... I wish we could send you some of our arctic air!) :)

  9. The dress below is beautiful! amazing work.
    You make a nice bathroom the tiles are very nice.

  10. Hmmm.. I thought I had commented on this post!.. I guess not.. maybe it was somewhere else. Anywhooo.. We've all been there on the disasters haven't we. Just today I went fishing through my stash to find a particular light fixture I wanted to use. I finally found it in an Aha! moment and promptly dropped in on the floor smashing it into tiny pieces.. Sheesh.. I don't want to wait for a replacement so I'm going with a second choice, but I bet it bugs me forever! lol Luckily you have happier news in the publication of your kit across several issues no less. I hope this results in more sales for you. The Aussie dollar being so bad might help with international sales. :) Lets just hope it springs back before your trip to the Chicago show. :D