Wednesday, November 6, 2019

My tiny Christmas gift basket

Hi all. Just a quick post to show you photos of the very tiny and adorable gift basket I won from Deborah Randolph of The Half of it. Augh it's all so cute I can hardly stand it!! And TINY! I thought I would be a little used to the size of half scale stuff, but no. The tiny chocolates and gingerbread men are amazing. And the mug. I can't believe Deborah made it so tiny and perfect.

The mini Black Walnut folks have ripped off the ribbon and cellophane and thrown them on the floor to peek at all the goodies inside!!

Look at that mug! So perfectly scaled!

And here is the bottle of brandy, candy cane and chocolates (I will try to post a better photo another day to show how truly tiny and perfect these are):

The bonbon and box of four tiny gingerbread men:

The gingerbread box is so fine I thought I would squash it getting it open!

And here is everything out, including the jar of cocoa, bag of coffee (for the mini coffee loving man in the house who can't do anything until he has had at least 3 cups in the morning....) and the book (oh how I love this book):

The mini folks are very happy right now, and probably mildly drunk on the brandy! Lucky them!

Hope your week is going well. I am off on two weeks holiday tomorrow - sunny Queensland!! Yaaay. Take care. xx


  1. Que cesta tan bien surtida! Todos los detalles son preciosos!

  2. So sweet! Congratulations on the win!

  3. Having worked on the half scale chocolate shop last June, I am even more amazed at both your's and Deb's ability to achieve precision pieces in such a tiny scale! You must both have great eyesight and the steadiest hands available! So cute!

    1. Thanks Jodi. My eyesight has deteriorated quite a bit over the last couple of years and I bought some weak eyeglasses. Just need to remember to wear them. I am still amazed at people who do the 1:48 and smaller - I find it a bit frustrating. X

  4. So sweet! I'm glad the Black Walnut folks are enjoying the coffee and brandy. 😊 Glad you like the book, too. Hope you thoroughly enjoy your vacation!!

  5. What a great basket! Congrats. The scene is nice too. I love the floors.

  6. Everything Deborah does is Top Drawer and your new half scale Christmas gift basket is ALSO PERFECT!