Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yes Ok I just posted but...

I just realised people are actually reading my blog!! I am so happy. Thank you all so much for reading it and taking an interest! You'll never know how happy that makes me!

All that I can say is that I hope that I can keep you interested enough to keep reading!

Lots of love, Shannon.


  1. My girls and I just found your blog and like it very much! We love your pictures very much.


  2. Shannon you should add the follower gadget to your blog. You can see who's following you then..Please call over to my blog and have a nose.
    Love looking and reading your posts, keep up the good work..
    Mini Hugs

  3. Shannon - I just started my blog this month and I also was surprised that people read it. Keep it up and lets see how your dollhouse is coming along. By the way - I too would love to be able to wear dresses like that. Know anyone with a time machine??? LOL

  4. Thanks for your comments and encouragement everyone. I am so glad that you enjoy reading my blog!

    I have added the follower gadget, which took some figuring out - I am not too computer savvy!

    i will try to post a picture of the shop side of my house tomorrow when the light is better.