Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy new year!

Hello all. I hope your new year has got off to a great start, although I am sending out lots of love to all those affected by the shootings in Paris in the last few days. It's an horrific event and sad for everyone across the globe.

But on a brighter note, I have made some little bits and pieces for my Mountfield, so it is slowly nearing the end point. I still can't decide on three major pieces of furniture, and until they're found, some rooms just can't be finished. There is also the matter of fincances! I have just recently gone back to full pay, so money is less of an issue, but I want to save as much as I can too (holidays, laser cutter, general spending money for when I quit work, etc). But for now, I will show you my shadow box for the front bedroom:

There are a couple of little printies and a real seashell. The remainder of the accessories I painted myself. On the bottom shelf at the front is this very cute little basket with roses in it. I can see a little paper flower garland draped over the shadow box in the near future I think.

Here it is in situ:

Sorry about the bad lighting, it's a very overcast day. 

I made the little shelf with the books and painted the cat bookend the little scotty dog: (the chair is just a fill-in for now)

I have put white tiles in the laundry, and although the tiles themselves are great, they are very white and stark. They are also very shiny and don't take paint. Now I am contemplating spray painting them with a matt varnish so that I can antique them and then respray with a gloss. Just a little worried about getting gloss paint everywhere! What are your thoughts? Has anyone else tried to antique/age gloss tiles?

I am also working on a little front garden of the Mountfield. I hope to get my butt into gear and show some exterior photos soon.

I have also tried making some dolls from Liquache. Not sure if I have reported on that in this blog yet, but here you can see some examples:

I am still playing with getting the right consistency, and as the pour holes in the moulds are so tiny, it's hard to get enough slip in to get the shell of the doll thick enough. Consequently, I have broken quite a few, or the slip hasn't poured right. But I am progressing slowly. The girl in the pink shoes now has a lace dress and arms, so will try to get her finished and photographed so you can see her. The little one is a tiny Patsy doll. These tiny dolls really are adorable.

Hope the new year brings good things for you all. And much love to all those amazing French people to remain strong.


  1. Hi Shannon! Your tiny shadow box for the bedroom is sooooo cute!!! What a great idea and done so well too. Your bookshelf turned out Terrific and I really like the way that you have arranged the books and the ornaments on it. Your tiny dolls are quite an ambitious project. and I am so Impressed that you are making them from scratch, and I am really looking forward to seeing them dressed. :D


  2. Happy New Year to you too. I love the shadowbox as well.