Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some more rooms almost done

I have finished paper-claying and painting the salon, and the fireplace is installed. I now need to finish the curtains and stick them to the wall and then decorate! The pictures shown on the fireplace will not stay, but look good for the time being.

Here is the sewing room, with a corner cabinet I made for a previous dollhouse. It fits quite nicely here. Just needs some accessories to fill it. I will also need some other tables, a sewing machine and maybe a chest or something?? I love the pink it turned out.

Lastly is a little table I made. I love it here, but maybe I will put it in the entry. Can't decide. You can see a chair I painted and recovered, and also through the windows is the dining room.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Little hallway almost done

I have been working on this almost every day, but the photos just don't show it! I am working on the exterior, but I am having trouble getting some pieces to fit, but the rest is coming along well.

Here are photos of the hall on the second floor. The chair belongs to another house, but I like the Chrysnbon ones so much, I think I will have to get some for this house. It looks good here.

Next pic shows the other wall with a little bedside I painted (actually it has been painted 3 different times!). The accessories won't stay, and I need to hang pics, but it is looking really good. By the way, the dining room is through that doorway.