Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lazy Sunday

Hello everyone. I am hoping to get a little more done on my minis today, but I still have to help my husband in the garden digging holes for a little bit (trying to get a little landscaping done after too many years of doing enough in the garden). 

The mini landscaping for Duddingwell's has progresseed a little. Some mosses and lichens and grass were added, as well as some gravel. Once done, I will add some more dirt/colour to the rocks. The trough has not been attached yet, as it is awaiting its water, plants, etc. I made some espaliered shrubs but they are all too wide. I will need to trim one back or make another I think, as I really want one on this build.

I have finished the initial part of painting the French Robert Dawson panels (with the exception of the doors). I will need to do a little touching up of the paint where I've slopped over the greens, marbling the skirting and fireplace and now debating over aging the whole thing. I quite like it as it is, but thinking that might change!

The photo wasn't good to start with, as the light was too low in my craft room, but you get the idea. 

And lastly, I have put together a few Lisa Engler kits. They are very easy and really cute - a great project for a tired weeknight in front of the TV! I included this photo as it is really good/clear/crisp as a bit of a test to see how it appears on my blog.....

Hmmmm, so far in draft form, it is not coming out well.  *sigh*

I am nearly finished with the prototype for my little French art nouveau shop. So I am hoping to get it laser cut in the next couple of weeks! When I have all the pieces cut from card and stuck together, I will post some pics so you will have an idea of how it is going to look. That will hopefully be by tonight. Enjoy your day everyone!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Thanks for photo tips

A chilly hello from Ballarat, a lovely old city from the Victorian gold rush era. It is only early April, but is already feeling very wintery. Yesterday I walked around in a long sleeve t-shirt, a wool jumper and a puffa jacket, it was that cold. But Ballarat is one of those cold places, certainly colder than it is where we come from.

I wasn't really intending posting about our weekend away, but instead thanking people for their photography tips. I will try everyone's tips to see if it helps, but my photos are generally pretty clear. It still seems that the problem is the uploading to blogger. I think it may be something to do with using the blogger app that I use. Anyway, I will keep fiddling with the settings of the camera and blogger and see what happens.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, wherever you are.