Saturday, September 17, 2022

Chateau update (plus other stuff)

Hi everyone. I have spent a good few hours this weekend making progress on my chateau. There has been some setbacks, including a diminished supply of a paint colour I needed that has become rare/expensive. I solved it by getting a sample pot of paint using colour match. So now I have a big pot of paint plus the formula to make the same colour again if I need it in future. So many parts got repainted in the new paint and we're back on track. I finished my wall mural last weekend and here it is temporarily held in place in the entry. Now some trimming of parts to make everything fit, a bit more painting and then we're very close to done. Wondering if this needs a sky blue ceiling??

It's a really satisfying place to be. The salon is currently having the front wall panels glued in place, so no photos. But it is also progressing. 

I have also begun seriously rehabbing the Fairfield I bought a few years ago. Not much to show, but it has been partially pulled apart and reglued. It was an example of what not to do - wallpapers in slots and on tabs, hot glue, parts not meeting up. The whole base is twisted and no idea how. Or maybe the base is fine and the whole house is twisted? 

This is a reminder of how it looked. I pulled out the fireplace wall as I will make a new wall to go there with a fireplace to the left for the living room and a stove to the right for the kitchen.

And here, stripped and reglued.

If I haven't already mentioned, this will be a seaside house, based loosely in the early-mid 1960s, because I loved the book 'Clarence takes a vacation' so much. This is how the exterior will roughly look (although at this stage, not sure I am going to attempt the curved front window..... but we'll see!

I have also been making miniature baskets, with some slow improvement. These are all earlier ones, except the green one at the back and the white one at the front. It's a fun pastime, but I am still testing thread thickness to find the perfect size.

And the last thing I will share with you today is my Robin Betterley Liberty Bay shop (sorry it's a bad photo). I pulled it out after many years of sitting. It turns out there were only a few things left to do to finish it. I hadn't attached the box that sits inside the frame at the back to enclose it, and wondered where the heck those pieces would be. I had just finished reorganising my craft room, which is why I seized upon the shop in the first place, and I recalled seeing a little bundle of wood and acrylic bits and THEY WERE THE RIGHT ONES!!! Miracle of miracles as I seem to spend more time looking for stuff than doing any mini making.

So now it's just finding some pieces to go inside, although I do have a few accessories already.

OK, I will leave it there as this is getting quite a long post and I am hungry.Two good reasons to stop! Hope you are all well. We have a 4-day weekend next weekend so I hope to have more chateau progress to show soon!!!!! And finally I can start planing the next storey (dining room and another room to be determined....a whole new set of dilemmas). Fun stuff!!! Take care out there!!!