Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Mountfield wallpaper updates

Hello all! Wanting to just post a quick update on my Mountfield. Have I banged on before how some of this house I love and some of this house just isn't working for me?? I don't recall, but I really love The Infill's 1930s house (plus all their other stuff!!!). So I bit the bullet and repapered the front bedroom, the living room and entry/hall. At first I glued the paper on top of the existing paper and quickly decided that was too risky, so went with double sided tape. That made life much easier and would highly recommend it. I learnt a few things, and it is by no means perfect but I am OK with that. Nothing furniture won't fix. Now I need to decide on fireplaces, although I have purchased the Phoenix metal fire grate things. So, some photos for you! (FYI it appears I can't reorder my photos on the new blogger, so I apologise for the disorder....)

The hall upstairs:

And overall view of the right side:

The front bedroom: (the colours on the nightshade no longer match...)

The living room (with the cabinet covering up a dodgy wallpaper job):

The entry (and the paper got a bit smushed up as I had to squeeze it in between the stairs and wall and I cut it too small..... sigh):

And entry again:

Which brings me to having to stain and varnish some picture rail to match the other wood. I have the stain still, but no idea what varnish I used. What could possibly go wrong??? 

But on the upside, I am pretty happy now. I LOVE the bedroom and hall, an pretty happy with the living room. And this is the original paper I chose for there. Silly me.

Anyway, take care all. I hope you are well and that those in the northern hemisphere are enjoying some sunshine. We are enjoying a tiny bit of rain although still not nearly enough. Talk soon!!