Sunday, July 4, 2021

French house update

 Hi all. Happy Sunday. Thought I’d quickly check in to show the exterior of the French house currently. Finishing the removable roof and front/back panels are some of the last things to do. The inside surfaces need refinishing and a little more paint on the outsides.

So they are out of order, but here is the messy unfinished side. Considering bricking this or something, just to neaten it up.

Next is one front panel. The other looks much like this but with the door in centre and a window either side. The house only just fits into the shelf and I can’t even fit the turntable under it, so it’s hard to turn around.

And lastly, the side I finished. I added a French door over the side door and built an enclosed balcony around it. I based the design on one I saw in Dijon, France, I think it was. It pops off so I can put some plants in there.

I’ve painted the base to look like pavement/concrete, but it needs a lot more work. And plants, garden, etc. I might put a tiny gate across to enclose and the residential part from the street. I purchased the flowers. They might get separated into pots, but nothing decided yet, plus I need more pots. I like this side.

And lastly, I knitted a pair of gloves. I am pretty happy about this as I have wanted mini gloves for so long, and I also wanted to learn to knit in miniature. I have lots of things I want to knit small! Haha!

I will leave it there. I hope you are all having a great weekend (aren’t they always too short??). Take care. Xx