Sunday, June 3, 2018

Hi all. I haven't posted much this year, and for that I apologise. I will try to get myself organised and post some of the things I have been working on. For now, I wanted to post some pics of the interior of my Duddingwells.

Starting in the shop part, I don't know that much has changed, other than hooking up all the lights (even the ones I broke). I have cut parts for a display shelf over the left window and some trays for the goods inside the cabinet, but they all need finishing. I added a top to the counter as the way it was constructed, there was a very large lip around the edge of the top so nothing sat neatly on there. The one in the pic is just the cardboard stand-in.

Next is the sitting/living area. You can't tell from the photo, but the left wall look terrible as I buggered the wiring in the wall sconce. Anyways, I need something to cover the mess but not worked out what yet. It needs to be tall but not block sight lines. I bought the beautiful Cynthia Howe birdcage kit, but it is too large for the room. In fact, I have tried lots of options in here and nothing is working for me. Hence it will stay naked for a little longer.

Dining chairs need cushions:

A painting I did the old fashioned way (underpainting with a little glaze to add colour). It was my first real attempt at a proper mini painting, and I am pretty happy with it, and my painting teacher was pretty happy with it, so that is good enough for me (for now anyway). You can see it hanging about the sofa.

Lastly the bedroom. I love this space. Without a doubt a favourite of all the things I've done. looking at the photos, I think it needs a little something above the window.

The bed. I made everything except the throw. Well, I didn't make the bed; it is a painted and reupholstered Dollshouse Emporium one.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my photos. I will try not to leave it too long between posts next time. I am determined to get some projects 'finished' this year (you know, they always need little details added, or you find stuff at shows, but I mean largely finished with the structure complete and most of the furniture). I think I am making a little progress on that! Have a great week everyone.