Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Found it!

Here it is! The printable books I was wanting! Thank you to Carrie for offering great printable books. And thank you also to all of you that responded to my question! It is much appreciated.

I now have another question! I received these pieces with the Chrysnbon hall stand kit. I think the piece still attached to the frame thing is a door stop. Not sure what the others are though. Anyone know?

On other non-mini news, we booked our flights to Paris last week! Very exciting! It is a long way off - 7 months! - but some of the places we wanted to stay are already booked out! Crazy! So we are going ahead and booking our accommodation now too. In the search for great places to stay, I found this picture and thought you might be interested:

It is a seaside residence in Saint-Malo.

And lastly, a little bit of interior inspiration, which popped up in a google images search:

So pretty! I am definitely reproducing this room. Not sure which project though.... there are of course too many! Have a great Friday everyone.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Printable books??

Hi all. This is just a quick post to ask a quick question. I few weeks or so ago, someone posted some mini printable books on their blog. Now I can't find who. Can anyone please help me? Thanks all and have a great day!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

French shop needs maintenance already!!

I learnt a lesson the other day - those styrene sheets don't stay white. The floor tiles that I haven't painted have yellowed. You can see in the photo that half the flooring is yellow and the rest is still white. I don't even keep my house in sunlight. Very disappointing. Now it will need to be painted.

On the upside, I managed to almost finish the spare bedroom. I need to hook the light up and then hang some pictures. Then I think it's done. (for the record, my husband bought me a spanky new camera and it's taking awesome pics so easily - no skill required!!)

I have actually been doing other mini-ing, but right now I can't find the photos... Perhaps I'll take some more with the new camera.

And lastly, just thought I'd throw in a pic of the chest of drawers in my real life spare bedroom, where the dollhouse currently resides.

Hope you all enjoy the remains of the weekend.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some half scale furniture

In my never-ending search for half scale furniture, I found these little pieces on Etsy (oh Etsy, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...). They arrived in these little boxes with a pretty ribbon tied around each one. Soooo cute! Plus the seller sent some little doilies and some metal findings. So sweet! I haven't unboxed them all - they were just too cute - but in the remaining boxes are four side chairs and another arm chair to match the one in the pictures.

Although they will not go into the Rosedale, I've photographed them here just because it looks better than on my kitchen bench!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Problems with scale

It's been a long time between posts as usual. Thought I'd do a quick update on some projects.

I attempted to make a half scale bed. I like it a lot but it is too big, even though it is true to scale. I have pictured it here in my Buttercup against a half scale Phoenix chair. The chair makes the bed look even bigger. I will now need to remake it smaller to suit the scale of the Buttercup.

The pictures below are of my Canterbury (by Greenleaf). I partially constructed it some time ago and it sat in my junk room until I could think what I wanted to do with it. It is supposed to be 1" scale but it's really about 3/4". I intend buying some vintage furniture, much of which is this scale. I asked Janny if she would mind if I made a built in cabinet type bed and she graciously said yes. Thanks Janny! So here it is, yet to be finished. But I like it so far. This will be a girl's room.

Here is an overall shot of the interior. You can see the kitchen started with a vintage stove unit to the right. I loved the wallpaper in the kitchen ofJulie's Sid Cooke Edwardian shop so put it in my own kitchen. Upstairs will be a sitting room and main bedroom. The exterior will look like a Disney cottage. Will show pictures shortly.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cabinet for my French shop

I recently made this little cabinet for the entry of my French shop. Not so convinced about it, now that I see it in the photo. Maybe with handles and a few accessories, it will look better. Maybe it could do with a thicker top? Also, I don't think the chair will stay (it is actually borrowed from Little Red's tearoom - I am sure she will want it back soon!).

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chateau Challain la Potherie

Is the name of the chateau we stayed in, in the Loire Valley. Here is the link!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New inspiration

My husband and I have been planning our next France trip (a whole 12 months + away but you can never start too early I always say!) so we're excited about all things French at the moment. Especially given that we were supposed to be going in about 2 months but have put it off to next year. So we got thinking about going back to the chateau where we got engaged and decided we had to go back there for a couple of nights. Here are some pictures of the gorgeous interior which may inspire some of you Francophiles!

This was the room we stayed in:

This was our bathroom:

This was the breakfast nook tucked in the passageway between the bathroom and bedroom:

Another breakfast setting in one of the rooms (one of my favourite rooms - I even bought this fabric for my own home!):

Gorgeous bedroom:

This was the King's bedroom (apparently they had to include a King's bedroom in case he came to stay - for the record, he never did!):

The coat room:

The hallway. The staircase, entry and central halls had hundreds of handcarved corbells with gargoyles/trolls/animals etc on them, and every one was different:

This is the exterior of the chateau. It was built in the mid-1800's I believe and has 120 rooms. We only got to see the bottom 2 storeys plus the basement (kitchen/servant's quarters). We stayed in the room in the tower on the left hand side of the photo, second window up.

So we want to go back to explore a bit better and to see the parts that have been restored since we went. Hope you find these inspiring!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exciting news

I had some of my cottages printed in the current issue of Miniature Collector magazine! Unfortunately they got my name wrong. Ah well, I have always been called Sharon by those who don't know me/have just met me.

Also, in case you are interested, I will be starting a blog on my sewing/dress-making. I have been stewing over this change in career for quite a few years, and now finally I have taken some steps towards starting my own clothing label. It will be classic/vintage in style, not trendy. Anyways, this is it if you wish to see how I go on my journey!