Friday, December 31, 2010

Rosedale progress

Apologies for the poor quality of my pictures. It seems I just can't take any good ones with it (I am sure it's the user, not the camera!).

I have added strips of mountboard to add height in the attic and then added faschia strips on the exterior to strengthen the added walls and allow something for the roof to butt against. Here is a picture of it so far, without the roof.

This pic is just to show the main bedroom. A shelf unit will fit in that corner where there is no wallpaper (to the left of the pic).

The last pic shows the lounge room. I covered over the transom over the door, as with the transom and door frame, I wouldn't fit cornice, so I will cut off the transom frame from the door frame and then I can have cornice!

And all the best for a fantastic 2011!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone

I hope everyone takes it easy over the Christmas break, and if you are travelling, please take extra care. Christmas isn't an easy time for a lot of people (my father died at Christmas-time 11 years ago) and it's the time we remember those who aren't with us. It's also a time to appreciate those we love.

So have a wonderful Christmas everyone. And eat, drink and be merry!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sugar plum fairy's cottage

I'd always wanted to do a Sugar plum fairy's cottage out of the Greenleaf Sugarplum kit. But when I received my free kit for this year's creating contest, I decided to make it into the cottage, against my better judgement. In my opinion, the proportions were wrong. I should've gone with my first instinct and made it into a chocolate shop. Given it wasn't working from the start, I never had much motivation to keep going. It isn't finished, and I am a bit disappointed with it, but with a few borrowed minis from my other projects, I managed to fill it enough to enter the contest.

I still want to make the Sugarplum into my real Sugar plum fairy cottage in future. And finish it the way I'd originally intended.