Saturday, June 17, 2017

I'm feeling a bit spoilt plus Mountfield progress

Hello all. It has been quite a nice sunny (but cool) day and one of the few days I've been able to take the time to work on my minis for a couple of months. I took the opportunity to get a few things done and take some photos. I really want to get my Mountfield off to its new home so I finished off a good bit of the bathroom. All that needs doing is 1) gluing the toothbrush holder to the wall (which broke so I superglued the parts together) and 2) making the shower screen door. I want to add a robe to the back of the door one day, but other than that, it's done! No light going into the bath enclosure as I couldn't get a drill to angle into the space. And I probably should paint the ceiling light shade to match the wall lights. Here are photos:

When this gets to its new home, I will take better photos so you can see the details. 

And I need to finish the roof but am a bit stumped on that. You can see I gave it a flat roof, which I will paint to sort of match the roof tiles, but I don't know how to finish off the top edges where the tiles meet the flat bit. Would you put straight strips of flashing/lead? I was going to stick on overlapped tiles, like the corners, but not sure about that. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

And now, the reason I feel spoilt is my sister and mum went to Kensington Dollshouse Fair last month and came home with many amazing things. Too many I think! I took some quick photos so you can see:

Cute little Veronique Lux toys! I wanted one of her monkeys as our little girl had a toy monkey, which now sits on our bed, and I just wanted one in mini too.

Plus a birdcage! The additional bird and Francine Coyon fishing creel were gifts from my sister.

A Jane Harrop 1:24 bathroom. It looks adorable.

Beautiful Glasscraft cranberry glass:

Alison Davies chairs (there is an additional one I didn't photograph) and sofa:

Kitchen utensils from the Little Dollhouse Company: (that bottle brush is my favourite!!)

And these Robert Dawson Modelroom dormer windows (there are four). Tossing up using these for my chateau, but more likely they will go on my future scratch built Beacon Hill (I actually purchased these and just got mum and sister to collect them). I would need an additional one of I used them for my chateau.

Did you all get some mini work done? I hope you found the time and inclination. Starting is the hardest part isn't it?? Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Xxx