Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sunday fun day

Hi everyone. I feel a little like I am nearing the end of the French house reno. Was planning on finishing the stair handrail this weekend but it was a bit overwhelming. So it didn’t get done. It’s currently in the too hard basket. I am wanting to take this house off my worktable but I am worried I just won’t finish those last few tasks.

Anyway, I started putting furniture and accessories back in and having some fun with it. Here is where I am with it.

So this is the entry with the unfinished stairs. A little touching up of skirting and paint, some accessories… but so far I like this.

The shop, which looks like an earthquake hit. I have made this as basically a studio space, an old shop that is no longer open but used by the owner as work space.

The reading room. The stairs from the ground floor come up behind that door in the centre. The spiral stairs is a metal kit I got from the UK. To the right is a little enclosed balcony which will have plants in it. This room needs furniture, including a bookcase.

The door on the left goes into the salon.

On the top floor, the ante chambre. Curtains need tiebacks. I love this little room.

And the main bedroom, through the curtains in the ante chambre. I have a few ideas for in here, but need a couple of bits and pieces.

And the guest bedroom. A little touching up and some bits and pieces.

This little pillow I got a good few years ago off Etsy. Can’t remember the seller. She does very sweet lingerie too. 

As you can see, some finesse required still. And every room needs a rug or two. Hopefully will be able to show you some more soon, as I sort through my things and find the right bits of furniture (uh oh, might need to go mini shopping!). 

Hope you are all staying well. We are very much into winter here and I do not like it…