Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Very first laser cut prototype!

Did I already mention that my husband bought me a cheap laser cutter? Anyways, if I didn't, he did. He managed to get it working and we spent much of Saturday and Sunday cutting stuff (as well as setting some stuff on fire!). We learnt lots though, which is an interesting part of the process. Having learnt a few things, I will now adjust many of my designs accordingly. 

I showed you a prototype of a little stove which was printed out and stuck to cardboard and cut out and stuck together, a little while ago. Well, here is a laser cut version of it:

I wanted to show a photo of the cardboard one next to it, but I can't find it. It lacks the engraving details, but a really good starting point. It is also a little larger than it is supposed to be as we were still figuring out the importing/scale issue. I am aiming to have kits available for purchase by July, at the latest - lots more prototyping, buying materials etc in the meantime though!

Hope you are all well.