Friday, September 30, 2016

Doll shop updated

Well, it took 3 coats of ivory to cover all the blue trim (and four for the door!) but I am happy with how it has come out.

Now all I need to do is get the pastels out and age some bits of the wallpaper and the shelf wallpaper and I can stick the units in. They will need hardware, as I don't think I'll use what came with it. The counter (which I don't have) will be pink to match the back wall with the door in it. And debating installing a little fireplace on the left wall. I might try making a valance or something for the window tonight seeing as I am on a roll! 

It is amazing how many different iterations this little shop has had and never been finished. But I guess if you just keep painting, you will eventually get something you like! PS - I think it also needs a painted footpath out the front as it currently looks terrible!! (Yes I used it as a paint palette)

The vintage doll shop

Happy Saturday everyone! We had a public holiday yesterday (for football no less!) and so I got my doll shop out and finished off the shelf unit I started then painted everything blue. I was going for a more blue-grey, and lighter than it is. I tried aging and toning it down, but it is still too blue. I am not a big blue fan. I conferred with a friend and she is recommending green. I am now going to try green. Will try to post the results later. Wish me luck!

(You can see I ripped out some shelves. I will likely paper the back of the shelves)