Monday, July 10, 2017

Lidi's beautiful basket

Hi all. My week got off to a great start as my beautiful Lidi Stroud/Basketcase Miniatures  picnic basket arrived today. If you don't follow Lidi's blog, a) you should, and b) she had a give-away of this little basket and I WON!!! It arrived today and was promptly sat in it's future home, my French shop kitchen. It needs some styling (well, more so the kitchen accessories) to make it look like they are just about to pack the basket for a picnic, but even so it looks so stunning. Thank you Lidi, it is truly amazing and I feel very lucky. Thank you! (Sorry, photos taken at night so they're a bit terrible. Will style this up and take some more photos!)

Monday, July 3, 2017

Did a little painting

Hello everyone. A quick post to show you the cabinet I've been working on for my 1:12 doll shop. It is one of those unfinished wood ones I bought from an online UK shop (there is a whole set and I have bought quite a few). I had base painted it nearly 2 months ago, the started the painted curtains about 1 month ago, and finally finished them off last night with the dots and lacy edge. I should've made them shorter, as much of the design gets hidden, but the toys I've displayed are just props right now anyway. I will paint something across the lower front too, and maybe even add a glass shelf inside for smaller items. Then the painting would be more visible.

I hope you are all well and having warmer weather than us (-5.4 deg Saturday night, coldest in 38 years and completely destroyed half the plants in my garden). Happy mini-ing!