Saturday, May 27, 2017

More Mountfield changes!

Hello all on a bleary cold Victorian autumn day. Thought I'd show an update photo of the arch installed in the Mountfield bathroom, although it needs a little puttying and painting. Unfortunately the card bent a little where the arch meets the wall, but not much I can do about that. Sorry it's so dark. It's a very dreary day here.

Also thinking I'll change the loungeroom wallpaper. What do you think? It's warmer and more old-timey, and more along the lines of what I think should be there. 

Here you can also see my carnival glass pieces and a new cabinet I purchased for here (it looks quite orange doesn't it?).

I am also thinking of changing the wallpaper in the front bedroom. These stripes are the wrong colour - imagine them in green. The alternative is the same wallpaper as currently there (Itsy Bitsy Mini) but in the green.

I really need to stop making changes to this house so I can move it out to start on other projects. To be honest, I'd like to start from scratch and make an English Edwardian townhouse in a Sid Cooke Highgate and do the Mountfield in 1940s style, but too late for that at this stage. Plus I can't afford the Highgate. Hope you are having a great weekend everyone. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Sydney Miniatures Fair

Hi all. It's been a very busy month getting ready for the Sydney Miniatures Fair and I haven't done anything much other than preparing for the show - which, for the record, was a success!

And my purchases:
Margaret Croswell's beautiful porcelain:

Some 3D printed carnival glass and radio from Minis by Twinmum and a crocheted tea cosy by Gwen from Ballarat:

And some mini knitting by Lynda'z Handiworx I think it is (lost her card in the post-show mess):

The pink thing is a hot water bottle cover in case you couldn't quite tell. I also picked up some furniture which I'll post on a day when I am thinking a little clearer! Hope you are all well and that the week is kind to you. Xx