Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Need opinions please!

A quick hello to all. I am on my first day of holidays so got some minis made including this fireplace. I need opinions on colour. Yes or no? I thought the greyish colour might add a little colour, rather than go black or brown/timber, but not sure. Your thoughts?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Found my mini mojo

Hi everyone. After being really slack this year, I found my mojo. It was largely to do with a lack of functional space in which to mini, so I helped my husband put good shelves and work desks in my sewing room and it's now much more useable.

So I opened up my Dollshouse Emporium Mountfield kit and stuck her together. It is not far off being done for the most part, just waiting on a few bits like tiles and lights. I am using a lot of the furniture and accessories from the very first dollhouse I built (and pulled apart!). I will need a heap more accessories yet, but will work on that. I aim to have her finished by Christmas so that I can put together my chateau (which is already partially cut out).

Entry modified to include a laundry under the stairs:

Lounge room not far off - just needs a door and furniture/accessories:

Dining room. Dresser won't be staying and will probably make a square or rectangle table:

Kitchen, which needs more tiles to finish the walls (I extended into the dining room to give a bit more space):

Master bedroom (flooring to be darkened):

Second bedroom (still a bit green, needs lightening):

Music room:

I haven't done anything on the laundry, upstairs hall or bathroom, so will show those when I have done something! 

Hope your weekend is going well!