Friday, May 6, 2022

Sydney miniatures show

 Hi all. Thought I’d write a quick post to show some pics from the Sydney mini show last weekend. There weren’t labels on the displays, so not sure who made what. I do know that this first photo was a workshop from a Cat n Co workshop at the last AMEA convention.

These are most of the minis I purchased. Items for the Chateau from Christmas Everyday.

Rolypoly doll and artwork by Dawn, Faberge egg by lady sitting next to my table (wish I got a couple more), basket by Lidi Stroud and everything else from Andrea Currie (also wish I’d got more!).

And gifts from my husband who helps me at the Sydney show. A bookcase and rocker made by Lynn Palmer (

Plus a few other bits and pieces like lace, some stair spindles and fabric. I got a bargain lot of doors, a window, table legs, corbels AND two bed kits and a dressing table kit made by Small Pleasures (and long ago discontinued). So the Mountfield might get an attic bedroom!

And this beast! A ginormous 1:24 San Franciscan. I will put a lot of my Bespaq in this. It’s got BIG rooms. I made some interior wall adjustments and will now need to alter door and window openings in situ. What a job.

It was so lovely to meet so many of my customers, as well as having time to chat to other makers. Really made the long drive worthwhile.

I have been working on other minis in dribs and drabs. I have been trying to get a little done on the chateau most weekends in an attempt to finally get a couple of rooms done. I haven’t posted about it in soooo long, but I pulled the whole structure apart to reconfigure it. I decided to use photos of one Paris townhouse rather than make it an amalgam of different French buildings, as I couldn’t decide on details. The last time we were in Paris (2018) we stayed in an apartment that was, to my surprise, just a few houses down from a house Linda Carswell had posted photos of on her blog. I was enamoured of it then, and still am now, so it became the dream.

So I will post some photos soon I hope of that project. I decided to really make it my own, and forget about sticking to time period/architectural rules. It’s an old house set in modern day, so I can do with it as I wish! Somewhere I would live myself.

Also just wanted to let you know that I was trying to post comments on your blogs for a few weeks and it wasn’t working, and then I figured out why it wasn’t working and fixed it. So I can comment again. My apologies - I wasn’t ignoring your posts. I just had a brain fart.

OK, take care everyone. I hope your mini and real lives are going well and playing nicely! Xx (And sorry, it wasn’t such a short post afterall!)