Sunday, July 3, 2011

Problems with scale

It's been a long time between posts as usual. Thought I'd do a quick update on some projects.

I attempted to make a half scale bed. I like it a lot but it is too big, even though it is true to scale. I have pictured it here in my Buttercup against a half scale Phoenix chair. The chair makes the bed look even bigger. I will now need to remake it smaller to suit the scale of the Buttercup.

The pictures below are of my Canterbury (by Greenleaf). I partially constructed it some time ago and it sat in my junk room until I could think what I wanted to do with it. It is supposed to be 1" scale but it's really about 3/4". I intend buying some vintage furniture, much of which is this scale. I asked Janny if she would mind if I made a built in cabinet type bed and she graciously said yes. Thanks Janny! So here it is, yet to be finished. But I like it so far. This will be a girl's room.

Here is an overall shot of the interior. You can see the kitchen started with a vintage stove unit to the right. I loved the wallpaper in the kitchen ofJulie's Sid Cooke Edwardian shop so put it in my own kitchen. Upstairs will be a sitting room and main bedroom. The exterior will look like a Disney cottage. Will show pictures shortly.