Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!

 Hello everyone. I have been fiddling with the contents of my mini Easter shop these last few weeks. Many things yet to add and some things in these pictures are yet to be finished, but I am really happy with how they are going. I am sure that in a couple of years I’ll pull it out again and continue working on the accessories. I have had lots of fun with these.

My little cake pops made from tiny plastic bunny heads I got from somewhere. Little metal bunny I painted inside a little plastic egg I cut a hole in and stuck on a wooden pedestal. Cupcakes I painted which were Art of Mini 3d printed ones. Cake at front from Petit D’licious.

Two metal bunnies and a chicken I painted - the cream one not yet finished. Tray from a Robin Betterley kit. I made the rather rustic eggs scattered around!

Hanging egg is another plastic egg I painted and added dimensional clay roses. The wreath is a wire circle with dry couscous stuck to it then painted.

Bunnies on the left are more metal minis I painted, as is the basket at the front left (also needs finishing).

On the shelf, another Petit D’Licious Easter treat (in the box). Pink bunny and chocolate bunny on left are also metal minis I painted and a little paper basket with wire handle I made years ago. 

A little floral arrangement I made from paper flowers and floral wire moss stuff stuck in a Chrysnbon candy dish.

And a closer pic of the shelf. I think it needs some lace on the edge.

I’m not religious but I do love the colours and motifs associated with the holiday. For me, Easter has always been about spending time with family and friends, eating a bit of chocolate, enjoying the last of the warm weather. We very often went camping. One of my fondest memories is of my mum and aunt making my grandmother’s hot cross buns, with a sticky glaze, at my aunt’s beach house, and I love to make them now. I hope that however you spend the day and whatever it means to you, you enjoy the day.