Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some of my dresses I've made!

Just thought I'd post some photos of the dresses and tops I've made so far! It takes a while to list things on Etsy, so they're not all listed yet, but I'll get there. Have a great day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

5 months? Are you sure?

Gee I have been lazy haven't I??? Monica gave me a bit of a shove this last week so thought I'd better write a post. Well, it has been a busy 5 months. My husband and I had 2 gorgeous weeks of holidays in Queensland in November whilst we had cornice (or crown moulding) installed in our house. It has been one of those things that has really irked me about our house since it was built, so decided we'd get it done when we were on holidays. It wasn't finished when we got home, so we had to stay at my mum's place for a week. But it was worth it. I've attached a photo of the cornice and my new dolly cabinet in the lounge room (note that the cornice isn't painted in this picture!).

We had Christmas, of course. Just a quiet one - me, husband, mother and sister. Husband and I were on stand-by, so we had to be at home (or nearby) and the rest of our family aren't nearby so we didn't go anywhere. Here is my table set for dinner!

I decided after Christmas that I would cut back work hours so that I can start my clothing business. I had had enough of being miserable all the time at work, and decided the money wasn't worth it. With a re-jig of finances, we've figured out we do OK and can still make all of our regular payments/savings, so I don't really know why I didn't do it sooner! I have my store on Etsy but haven't yet listed anything - will try to do this Wednesday.

We also got a super good deal for high tea at the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne. The Windsor is one of the last old grand Victorian era hotels and have run their afternoon teas since 1883. It's on my bucket list.

And lastly just some work I've done on my Chantilly. I have dressed the bed, although I haven't finished the bolster and need to add another cushion I think.

Here is a shot of a dining chair. It is a Rosemarie Torre cast resin one, as is the dining table in the background. I'm not overly happy with the chair. It needs another layer or two of paint for a start, but also I think the fabric printed too light. And the seat isn't puffy enough. Might need to redo. That's essentially why I haven't finished the other 5 - can't decide if I like the fabric!

And I have pretty much finished the spare room in my French shop. It is about the only finished room. I am so close to finishing this house, I don't know why I don't. (Well, I can't find all the parts I want to complete it, but it's getting there!)

So, that's about it really. I need to get a push on and finish a few projects as I'd like to start some more! Always so many ideas, and not so much execution!