Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some pretty pictures from France

Hi all! Nice to be in contact with the world again! I am in France still, and we have not had internet access until now (10 days without internet - eek!!). So I thought I would post some pictures of some things we've seen.

This was a little cafe that we went past in Paris. Very cute!

Main Street USA, Disneyland (Paris Disneyland of course!).

This one is a little cafe we found in one of the passages in Paris, can't remember which one, but near/adjoining Passage Jouffroy. Awesome detail. The passages are basically arcades or early malls.

This is the interior of another cafe which I loved. We didn't eat there, we just stuck the camera up against the glass and clicked! It was an old railway carriage or something I think.

This one is a typical shop in Paris, but an extra pretty one!

Lastly, here is a picture of the town we are staying at now, called Vannes in Brittany. It was settled by the Romans in about 58AD! The buildings date from about the 13th century. The town is walled and has a moat. Seriously amazing.

I am so in love with the shops in Main Street USA. I am so inspired to make mini versions when I return home! I also loved Toad Hall, so will eventually work on making one of them.

Now my apologies to the lovely bloggers who have sent me awards. I am not ignoring them deliberately! It is so appreciated. It is just so nice to know that people other than my mum and boyfriend appreciate my work! I am also pleased that people still read it despite my occasional rude outburst about my frustrations with society!! Given I don't have my own computer and time constraints, I am not putting the awards on my blog, but I am passing on the compliments (and awards) to my fellow bloggers and readers who I find so encouraging and inspiring. Keep up the good work everyone!

And don't worry, I am having a petite macaron for each and every one of you! (and geez are they good!).

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another award!

Thanks Rosanna for the award. And I must also give a belated thank you to Deb for her award given on the 5th March. It is so lovely to know that people enjoy reading my blog!

I do not have too much to post right now, so I'll scrounge up some pics of other peoples stuff to keep you inspired!

Here is a gorgeous English cottage and I can't remember the website I got it from. I intend to do this to the Aster cottage one day.

Here is someone's Greenleaf Glencroft kitchen, they are on the Greenleaf forum. I think it looks adorable. I am loving the Glencroft at the moment and am working on plans to make it in 1/2" scale to save on room.

And lastly is a very cute little cottage and again, no idea where it came from. Would look great in miniature.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Apologies for my violent outburst but...

I have just been watching the news where a delightful lady was whinging about the fact that they were only going to get $50,000 out of the bushfire appeal and where was all the other millions going? HELLO??? What happened to having insurance? What happened to gratefulness at getting something that you are really not entitled to? My mother's family home burnt down as a result of arson and I can assure you, she didn't get $50k. What about the people who lost houses in the 2007 or 2003 fires? They didn't get $50k and neither did the ones who lost everything in the 1983 or 1939 fires. And how much does this lady think it costs to rebuild whole towns and reinstall all the utilities and basic services???? Where would that much money come from without the bushfire fund??

Further, the news said that people without insurance were likely to be the big winners.

This is why I have not donated - People never fail to disappoint me. I am not going to donate my hard-earned cash to losers who can't work for their money and expect the world when things go bad.

I have been in the position of being at significant financial loss (and much much worse), at no fault nor doing of ours, and at the end of the ordeal, we were lucky to get a boot up the butt as we walked out the door. No compensation or hand-outs for us. It is time for people to get over themselves and realise that the world does not owe them anything.

On a good note, I discovered I can bake scones!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New furniture

Finally the rooms are starting to look a little more finished. Here is a picture of an unfinished hutch that I painted, antiqued and filled. I handpainted most of the minis inside, except for the silver teaset (which is mostly hidden). The bottom shelf will have some linen, but I have not made that yet.

This shows the whole dining room. I am not sure I like the chairs though. They might get changed later.

I made a screen for the bedroom, based on the one in Lea Frisoni's book. I think it's quite cute but may need some 'cord' trim on the inside of the frame bits. I printed the fabric on my home printer.

The last thing I want to show you is a small folding table I made. I am not sure that I like it here. I don't think it matches. Maybe if I added a lace tablecloth?? Don't know. It is temporary for now!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Little Red's Tea Room

Sorry all for my absence. I have spent the last 2 weeks at fires - Wilson's Prom and then Noojee (Bunyip Ridge fire), and now have some time to get these pics up.

This is my entry for the Creating Contest for last year. I didn't win but I did get an honourable mention, which is pretty cool!

This one shows Little Red's cape hanging beside the door.

This is the cake cabinet I made from an old Realife kit. I painted all the cakes and pies inside. In fact, I painted everything in the entire house except for a plate or two on the hutch. Oh and the Chrysnbon straw holder.

Here is a bench seat in the corner. The pictures in the house are all vintage Little Red Riding Hood pictures I found on the WWW.

This shows the fireplace I made. There are a couple of guns and a sword for killing stray wolves. The wolf's head is mounted above the fireplace. I made it from paperclay and flocked it. It has paper teeth!! It's not particularly good, but never mind, I like it anyway. It seems strangely pleased... not sure why!

This one is the prep table in the kitchen.

And here is the stove. I like how you can see through the door into the tearoom.

And lastly, thanks for the award Mercedes!

So five things I love:
1. My doggy Tilly. So very sweet and so prickly at the same time! She is sometimes called the cat-dog.
2. My little family - my partner, my mum and my doggy.
3. My home. It still requires work, but is looking so pretty.
4. Creating, mostly minis and sewing.
5. Chocolate. And pizza. Food really, love food!