Monday, September 21, 2015

My tiny teddies

Hello all. I spent today working on the shelves for the half scale doll shop. This is the prototype and the parts were all wrong, so I cut bits up and cobbled them together and it came out OK. I printed out all the little pictures of curtains and furniture to add some detail. Here is the shelf almost finished with some tiny doilies and lace. A few more structural pieces to add but these will be added when the shelves are filled and installed.

And here is a pic with some of my handpainted minis.

All these pieces are the white metal ones. I undercoat them in a regular water-based interior undercoat and then paint with acrylics. Here are some closeups.

I landscaped this little house with that stretchy model railroad vine stuff and bunka cut into tiny bits. The hedge at the front is also bunka, but kind of hard to see at this angle. The bunka looks hilarious enlarged to this size!

I have put together a kitchen to fit into this house and it includes the wall tiles. The front of the wall cabinets comes off so you can access the inside. It needs a few basic modifications but overall I am happy with how it turned out. The tiles are the same pattern as the splashback behind my cooktop in my real life home! A tap set is still to come.

Here is the other side of the island bench:

And an overall view of the living room, with a chest which is about the only thing that was all right the first time! I have designed a fireplace to go in this room, which will probably go where the chest is, which is why I haven't finished the skirting. 

And lastly, a picture of the bedroom progress, with a little silk curtain over the doorway. I can't wait to see my little bed in here (but I still need some parts cut before it can go together).

I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures and that this week is kind to you! See you soon!