Saturday, June 10, 2023

Attention The Grandmommy/Big and little creations

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Or alternatively google. Often pther people are also having the problem, and might be to do with settings. I have found answers to Blogger problems this way. Hope you can sort it out!

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Long time no blog

 Hi all. I know it has been a very long time since I blogged. It wasn’t intentional. I just haven’t been mini-ing. Back in November I received a bit of a slap in the face from a fellow miniaturist, and it really just made me wonder what on earth I was doing. So for the last six months, I’ve had very little interest in anything miniature. I did some sewing and some paper crafting instead and really enjoyed doing something different. We have spent the last month in the US, where I was lucky enough to go to the Chicago International. I also got to see the Thorne rooms, Colleen Moore’s fairy castle and Kaye Savage Browning’s miniature collection at the Kentucky Gateway Museum. It was spectacular. No words really do it justice. 

So given I have nothing to show that I have been working on, I will show my show purchases. (The photos are out of order, for which I apologise, but I am writing this on my ipad and not at all convinced I can rearrange the photos successfully.

Close-up of a clock (D-Tales miniatures), squirrel (puppenstuebchen I think) and key with tassel from June Clinkscales:

Clock, squirrel and key as above, basket also by D-Tales, bag by Minis2you and wine carrier by Pierluigi:

I think these are all Puppenstuebchen except the dragonfly by Lami’s minis (sorry, I don’t remember these things too well, plus they’ve all been tucked in a box for a month):

Half scale plants by Paula Gilhooley and basket also by D-Tales:

Flowers for planting in a garden by Twinheart:

A decent photo of the dragonfly:

The best thing about my visit though was that I got to meet two long-time friends, Keli and Robin. Having them to wander around the mini show and have dinner with was really a highlight. Next time I hope we have more time. Anyway, Keli gave me this vintage 1:24 scale stove (and some sweet Millie August wallpaper). How cute is it? So now I have the dilemma of whether I paint it or not. It is missing a leg, and the paint is badly chipped, so perhaps I will give it a replacement leg and paint it up for one of my houses.

A tureen (Art of mini), a box of oil paints and two kitchen tins (on floor) (Alemikimikri) and roller skates and ice skates (Minis2you):

I think this is a type of stove from Peiwen Pettigrand (which reminds me I should message her and ask). I bought it largely because I just loved it and have long given up worrying about having a specific house or scene for things to go in.

A closeup of the paints:

I have some other bits and pieces still to show you but that will wait for another post. I really splurged, after having to cancel this trip twice already and a few years of saving up. But guess what? I really want to go again next year!! We will see I guess….