Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

A short post, lots of pictures! 

I hope you are having an enjoyable day, wherever you are.

The little parlour still looks quite bare. Lots more accessories and a rug needed! And maybe a mirror in the hall stand!

The outside, looking kinda cute but in need of more gingerbread trim and snow!

Thanks for the lovely comments; I find it very encouraging and great to know that you enjoy reading my blog. Soon there will be some Mountfield progress photos I hope, as I have been working on a few little items for it.

Best wishes for a great year ahead everyone.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One more sleep!

Wow, how did we get there so quick?? Just a short post with a few more pictures of my Christmas cottage. Did I really post the same picture twice in two consecutive posts? ( the red clock and candy dish) Never mind! I'll blame it on the time of year!

Below are some figurines I've painted: carolers, sledders and some kids with a Christmas tree. Hard to capture; perhaps if there's better light tomorrow, I'll get some better photos.

Two comfy chairs in the living room:

A Santa figure and teapot I painted on the little kitchen table where Mrs Noel likes to sit while her gingerbread is cooking:

Another Santa, clock and crockery I painted:

The cupboards in the kitchen, which will need filling over time:

I started adding some snow to the exterior, but it hasn't worked that well. I will show some photos tomorrow. I like it being a work in progress. I think adding things over time can have a better result, as you think more about what you want and where, rather than rushing to fill it up. I like to do something, set it aside for a few weeks and look at it regularly, maybe change it a little, keep looking. Eventually it clicks and you know you have it right!

One other thing. This is my staple tree, with it's meagre piece of green tinsel. It has taken 7.5 years to get this tall. It sits in a Coke bottle lid and is made of nothing but staples. It is quite sturdy too. About 15cm tall I suppose. I wanted to measure it but it is locked in my drawer at work, and having had 6.5 months off work, I've forgotten where I put the key!! Ooops!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Christmas house needs a fireplace

I initially didn't have a fireplace in the parlour of my little Christmas house, but a few months ago, looking at it, I realised, what sort of a Christmas house wouldn't have a fireplace? There is a stove in the kitchen but it's not the same. So I added one, despite not having a chimney. Who cares? I dug this one out of my stash and painted it up. It was originally earmarked for another project but I wanted it for here. It needs a hearth and a very small grate with fire as it is very shallow (probably should've added a chimney breast for extra depth but I only had a tiny bit of that wallpaper left and it wouldn't cover it). It was quite a job trying to cut off the skirting in situ. Something needs to go over the fireplace as a focal point. A wreath? A framed picture? Not sure. Maybe that will be next year's addition!

These are some of the accessories I've painted. Almost every accessory in this house is painted by me. Hope you like!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas already??

Wow, this year has gone quickly, and now we're not far off another Christmas and new year. I have been working on my Christmas house and although it is not quite finished, it only needs some more accessories (as I find them!) and some snow to the exterior. It is good to leave a certain amount undone, as there will be room for more accessories should I find them or want to make them. So I will try to post a few more blog posts over the next couple of weeks, showing some different views each time. For now, here's a few details that I hope you will like.

Little red clock and candy dish:

Mrs Claus's shoes all lined up:

Little red house in miniature:

(Ooops, just noticed the gaping hole where a tree fell off!! Note to self: find tree and reattach!)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Half scale French shop

Hello all. A short post to show you something I've been working on. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I want to start producing some half scale furniture and house kits. I am working on two house designs at the moment, this French shop and a cottage. I hope to release this shop first to go with the range of French furniture I have designed. Still a few details to go, but well on the way.

I hope to have laser cut prototypes of my first lot of furniture in the next few weeks. I am still struggling a bit as I need to source the right wood and at the right price, which is proving quite difficult.

For now, I hope your December is so far good and that you have all your holiday shopping, cooking, decorating etc well in hand. Keep safe amongst the craziness.