Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shop front taking shape

I have finally painted the shop front in a yucky dark coral/red colour. I wanted a more old barn red colour, but didn't quite achieve it. I have antiqued it with a black antiquing medium, which has darkened and aged the front. The rest of the stonework needs some aging now too. It looks too flat.

This picture shows the main bedroom, which I need to re-wallpaper. Everyone at home, here is a tip - NEVER try antiquing in the dark! It does not work. I don't think either the screen or the chair will remain, but I think it will have a chair of some description. I also don't think I like the folding table as the bedside. But I'll keep playing and see what happens!

And lastly, my good news is that my partner and I are off to France in March! Very exciting. We are in the midst of organising accommodation and tours, what we want to look at, budgeting, writing lists, packing. We've never been overseas before. In fact in the 6 years we've been together, we haven't really been on a decent holiday Certainly not one that lasts more than a week. So we are really getting excited! Guaranteed there are gong to be MILLIONS of chateau/furniture/scenery photos!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I want to wear pretty dresses

All the time. I found these on Flickr today:

We are off to France in March and I desperately want to visit Versailles in a dress like these!! I don't think I have the courage. Would be fun though. I have a lot of pretty material though, so may make myself some dress-ups one day. It is fun to dream!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yes Ok I just posted but...

I just realised people are actually reading my blog!! I am so happy. Thank you all so much for reading it and taking an interest! You'll never know how happy that makes me!

All that I can say is that I hope that I can keep you interested enough to keep reading!

Lots of love, Shannon.

Disneyland Tokyo - why to go....

I had a terrible day at work, so I decided to spend 5 minutes on flickr looking at pictures of Disneyland - getting to go to places like Disneyland reminds me of why I put up with my terrible job. I've never been, but have quickly realised that I must visit at least visit Hong Kong, Tokyo and Paris Disneylands.

So this is what I found:

Not much more I can say really!