Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Link to my store

Hi again. Will try to post a link....

Hope this works for you! Have a great day everyone. We're having a warm week, which I am pretty happy about.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

First batch of kits up for sale!!!

Hi all. Just a brief post to let you know that I have listed 5 kits for sale on my Etsy store: 

They will be ready to ship by the end of the week.

There are an additional few available soon that need just a couple of additional parts. I anticipate having more available shortly, once I have purchased some more supplies and mastered my laser cutter! I hope this will be in January, subject to businesses remaining open to sell me supplies over the Christmas break.

Thanks again for your interest and encouragement everyone. It has taken me far longer to get here than I wanted, but better late than never! There is just so much to learn and I am making constant improvements to my designs all the time. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Little laser cut kit update

Hello all. I thought I'd give a quick update so that the people who were interested in my little French shop kit would know what is going on. And why I am much later having them ready than I anticipated! The husband was taking too long to put the test kit together, and didn't follow my instructions anyway, so I ended up finishing it off myself. And finally got the instructions completed. I decided to have the kits cut from a lightweight ply rather than MDF, as this will significantly lower the weight of the kits. My cutting service then needed to order in extra sheets to cut the kits. Then there were issues with the little tabs which hold pieces in their sheets breaking, so I needed to redraw the parts to make them all wider. So now finally the kits are in the courier on their way to me! I still need to cut the window and mirror acrylic pieces, and when that is done, the kits can be shipped! My laser cutter also arrived at looooong last, so I need to attach the extraction fan and do a little more test cutting and I can start to produce some furniture kits! Pretty happy about it all. I think that progress with new designs will be much quicker now.

I will have 10 kits available initially. As I now have my own cutter, I hope that I will be able to produce more kits as needed in a shorter time, but I will need to obtain some materials myself. But all in good time! 

I have almost opened my Etsy store, which is where you will be able to get one. I will post the address when they are listed. I will also try to get some furniture kits up there when I can. I have also been working on some little room box kits, which I'm really happy with. They could be used in different scales and will have different themes/front designs (the first ones are forest themed!!). So many ideas and so little time!

I hope everyone is well and that your preparations for the holiday season is going well. Sending love to those who find the season tough - ours is always tinged with sadness, but happy memories also.