Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mountfield bathroom update

Hi all. Happy Sunday! I did get some done on this project a couple of weeks ago but have not progressed since then. You may recall I was waiting on white tiles. When they arrived, I realised I needed cream tiles. Sigh. Fortunately I had *just* enough in my leftovers (from the kitchen) to finish the borders same as the original bathroom. Some of the fittings and accessories are glued in now, and a new hole drilled for the light. Still a few things to be done as you can see. I was going to use a different top edging tile. There was one with the set that had a scalloped edge, but it had white on the negative side of the scallop. Given the patterned border tile is cream not white, I thought this was odd. And disappointing. I wasn't going to attempt to cut the white bits off the scalloped tile, so just went with the thin one instead.

It may not have been wise, but I carried the tile across the front of the bath. I think I will add a border to fill in the gap along the top egde of the bath so it doesn't look so odd. But I am tired and today I have run out of steam!

Although it is harder to fit in all the things I want to fit in, I like the bathroom here better than at front of the house.

And before I leave you be, I want to thank everyone who left a kind comment to my previous post. It is nice to have the support and words of advice, and to know that I am not alone is reassuring. It is hard to find the right words sometimes! Take care everyone!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Nothing to do with miniatures - read at own risk!

I have had an awful 6 months, dealing with the loss of my little princess Tilly. It follows about 6 years of being bored and miserable in my employment. Also, I am really bad at sleeping. This morning I took a walk as soon as I woke up as a pamphlet about sleep habits says it's really useful for getting into good sleep patterns and reducing depression. I have known for years about blue light and orange light and patterns due to seeing a sleep specialist but I guess I just get lazy. I wonder "why bother?". Then today I said mean things about an overweight woman I saw with a respirator. I was sitting here, enjoying a Friday afternoon vodka (apple! Mmmm!) when I realised that part of the self-hate, misery thing is probably partially due to my judgement of others and myself. I know how hard it is to lose weight. I am not fat, but I have a higher body fat percentage than I'd like. I have made the new year's resolution for the last few years to not judge people, and I largely kept that up, but I didn't make a resolution this year. I think I need to commit to that again this year - to not judge others and also not judge myself. I don't know that lady's circumstances. I know life can be really hard. I know that bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people. I don't even know what triggered this thought process. All I know is that I need to change my thoughts and be happier. Anyone got something they'd like to say? Any resolutions you'd like to try out, even though we're in February?

Blogger advice

Hi all. Thankyou to those lovely bloggers who responded with some advice. Karin found these instructions, fortunately:

Worked perfectly! The issue was, on my ipad, the pencil icon was hidden from view as the web page is wider than my ipad screen - it is on the far right. So if you are having problems too, try scrolling sideways in case your icons are hidden.

Also, there is an orange button at the bottom right of the page (the home page where you make all your changes, have your blog list etc) to provide feedback. I know it probably doesn't get read but do it anyway. I have. And they did change a lot of the annoying Pinterest features they introduced last year after receiving feedback, so maybe they do listen. Who knows???

Enjoy your day everyone!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Another tiresome Blogger question

Hi all. I am wondering how you add a new blog to your reading list. Does anyone know? There doesn't appear to be any way of doing this and a google search resulted in instructions for the old format. Of course. Sigh.

I am in a yahoo group and someone asked about whether people still read blogs and they seem to be less popular than they were. I answered that I think the constant updates and format changes frustrated people, given the changes often made things more difficult to operate. I am HATING the new blogger account page. Anyway, that's my 2c! Hope someone can shed some light for me!

Have a great day!