Thursday, December 23, 2021

A little pre Christmas post

 Hello! Wow, I posted in July and now the year is almost over….. how??? 

I haven’t achieved an awful lot when it comes to minis, except I did make an entry for the creating contest. No idea where it will live, but my mum would be happy for it to go to her house. Unfortunately her house has two very eneergetic and curious 18 month old dogs, one a border collie and the other a kelpie, and the kelpie Roxy MUST KNOW EVERYTHING!!!! Anyway, will work that out later.

So rather than describe it, I’ll post some photos as I am sure you will work out what is going on. Sorry the photos are not in order.

I Hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate at this time, I wish you a healthy, safe and fun year end. May 2022 be kinder than this year has been. Take care. Xxx