Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Workshop prototype finished

I have been stressing quite a bit about this workshop prototype and workshop in general. I had to have it finished earlier than anticipated so didn't have time for a trial run with a group. I wanted a 1-day workshop, but there is too much to do, so 2-days it will have to be. I struggle with pricing so not sure where to go with that. A couple of small details got dropped off along the way due to running out of time. I think one or two details could be changed, but they are very minor and I will see about that later. It's not quite how I was picturing it, but I am pretty happy still - I anticipated it being more rustic, but it turned out a little fancy! Never mind. Hindsight is a wonderful thing....

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Quick Coxwolds update

Hi all. We had a public holiday here yesterday (Tuesday) and with going to Ballarat last weekend and my husband taking Monday off as well, I am out of whack for the week. So it seems like Monday but is actually Wednesday. 

I have made a bit of progress with the Coxwolds. The living quarters are almost done, which leaves the kitchen and shop downstairs. I have grand plans of having this finished by end of the year (in the sense of having rooms and exterior decoration complete; furniture/accessories/garden won't be complete of course!). 

Here is the entry almost done:

The bathroom:

(I didn't buy any floor tiles for here, and found some burgandy tiles in my stash which matched, but I didn't have enough. Originally I thought of having a built-in vanity or cupboard so I could omit tiles underneath it - I REALLY wanted the cupboard, but the room is so small it was too awkward. Then I thought of having a gap where I'd put a rug. Then, I thought given I had some of the same tiles in green and yellow, I could paint them black and use as a border tile. It worked out OK I think)

The bedroom:

The living room (NEEDS gap filling!!):

I didn't use the hinges supplied with the kit as I didn't want them all over my pretty walls, so used smaller ones. Unfortunately they don't quite shut properly. I may remove them and cut out a larger rebate to accommodate the screw heads or maybe try to screw the screws further into the wood. Either way it needs looking at.

Hope everyone's week is going well.