Thursday, September 7, 2017

Back to Duddingwells

Hello all, happy Friday! I have been sick with a cold this week. I think because I don't get sick very often, I really feel it when I do. Anyway, I haven't got a lot done this week, other than reading! 

I am trying to get rid of some builds from my craft room, which means finishing some things off. The landscaping of the Duddingwells had stalled because I was too lazy to finish it, and I buggered up the wiring inside, which buggered up a wall finish, so I have been trying to figure out how to cover it up. So it has just sat with nothing being done. The last few weeks I have been working on it little by little. I have just about finished the wisteria. I made a wire stem and branches, put some paperclay over it and painted it. Then I tried making the flowers with floral foam, but it was too fine and the racemes were too small. So it sat unfinished too. Then I got out the paperclay and built up racemes, painted them then glued on chunky purple floral foam. Once dry, I brushed on some lighter purple paint and then some white near the top of the racemes. Here are some photos, if you can see.

In this photo, the painted racemes are on the left half (albeit not quite finished):

Here are the painted ones closer up:

And here the unpainted ones:

It might look better in real life! Anyway, I am happy with them. I have also added some leaves, but not a lot. Usually wisteria flowers well before leaves appear. I will show some more photos soon, when I have done a little more. 

Just before I go, sending good non-hurricane thoughts to all those in Hurricane Irma's reaches. I hope you stay safe and dry. Goodbye everyone!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Mountfield shower finished

Or at least it was until I pulled the shower door handle off. Never mind. I can reattach it. When I find it.

So I made the shower screen pretty simply. I cut a piece of acrylic to fit the opening, made a cardboard frame to sit on top, with about 4mm additional strip on one side to act as the hinge. I glued the hinge to the inside of the opening and painted it gold, so you can't really see it's there and it was done. Somehow the acrylic got a bit scratched up though, and not sure how. Never mind, you can't really tell. Now I just need a bath robe hanging off the door and I think this is done.

How much do I love that wicker laundry hamper?? So cool.

Did I mention I couldn't get a light fitting into the bath enclosure? The roof is glued on and the angle prevents me getting my hand in there with any sort of drilling device. Hence for now it is lightless in there. Still, I am happy. Have a great weekend everyone!