Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beginnings of my French shop

I am making a French shop based on the gorgeous florist made by Lea. I just cannot get over this house. To me it is miniature perfection. I love it to bits. So my house is based on it, and although the layout is almost the same, I will decorate it a little differently to reflect my own tastes.

In the attic area are the bedrooms. This is the first bed I have finished and will go in the guest bedroom. The backdrop is just paper, but is a similar tone to what the walls will be in the house, only paler. I handpainted and aged a Bespaq bed and handmade the bedding. I am pleased with how it turned out.

I am not making as much progress as I want, as work gets in the way. But I have to pay for the hobby somehow!

Here is the exterior facade. It is made separately to the house and will lift off the front. I need to add window sills and then paint it all. this is the dwelling side, so the left bottom window is the bathroom, the door opens onto the entry and the right window goes to the kitchen. I made the walls about 4cm thick from recollection.

The only thing really bugging me is that I cannot find casement window latches. It's driving me nuts. I will not rest until I find them!!


  1. You made wonderful things, i like the style.

    greetings Sylvia


  2. I wonder, did you ever find the latches for the french windows? I realize that this was originally posted in 2009 however, in case you haven't located any, they are now readily available through Shapeways.

    1. Ahh there's the finished bed! And yes, I purchased some Shapeways window latches! They do look quite small to me, so was debating using them in a half scale house. Or not.... I might even laser cut some!