Thursday, October 2, 2008

Let there be light....

I have attached some lights and wired them in. I am having a few problems with some of the bulbs though, unfortunately. The connections seem a little loose, so that will need some jiggling before the fixtures are properly wired in.

This picture shows the chandelier in the entry. Will look much better when I have added texture to the walls and painted them. I was originally going to do more on this light but decided I liked it as it was, especially given it goes in the entry.

The next photo shows the guest bedroom with it's little bedside lamp. Not sure that this is it's finally resting place, but I do like it in here. I also swapped the beds. It fits better than the other one. The bedside is not staying, but I needed something to put the light on. Not sure whether it will be a small table of some description, or a shelf. Probably a table...

This last pic shows the bedroom using the camera's flash, just to show the room colour. Probably a little brighter than I anticipated, but I think I like it. I also think it's too late to change it!

A picture frame is lying on the floor waiting for a picture, as is the little standing frame on the bedside. Still undecided about the colour of fabric for under the bedcover, but the beige looks OK given the colour of the chair.

Next job - paper-claying, and lots of it!


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    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I need to connect the electricity back up to this place. It has been looon neglected.