Friday, July 31, 2009

Not finished but...

I have reached a point where I am a little tired of the French Shoppe. I think this is because a) it's taking much longer than I wanted it to, b) there are some bits I need but can't find and c) I've reached the point where there are a heap of annoying things to do!! Eg undercoating, sanding and then painting the shingles. Let it be known that I will NEVER use wood shingles again. It will only ever be either the styrene sheets or paper (or whatever else doesn't need so much prep work).

I've decided the shop will be a gourmet food store, using as many of the Lisa's Little Things kits that I can get my greasy mits on!

So here's the bedroom. I've got a few more pictures to hang and the light needs another coat of paint and the chair (which you can't see) needs some finishing.

I am considering shelving it temporarily until I can finish it. I need some bits for it that I just can't decide on/find. You know those perfect, elusive pieces of furniture??? Where are they? I figure maybe I am better to leave it until I find that perfect something and stop stressing over it.

Next is another project I've been working on. Won't say too much, but it's also going slower than I hoped, as I am waiting on parts.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love the bed, it is beautiful and I am going to try and make an alarm clock....did you make it or buy it? lovely!!
    You seem to have the same problem as me...I can never find things I it because we are in Australai??

  2. Ah, not finished, don't fret a real life house is never finished either and few places have the perfect furniture in every room.

  3. Linda, I am not sure! I have so many bookmarks, brochures and links for sites selling mini stuff, but I STILL can't find those pieces!! It is more difficult being in Australia - there is nothing worse than when you find that perfect *something* on a website that won't ship to Australia! And the alarm clock is a metal mini I painted. Check out for it and other metal minis. She's excellent to deal with, and I have purchased from her MANY times!

    Karin, thanks for the reassurance! Our real-life house isn't finished either and it's been 4 years! I should relax more, but I know it will be a long time before I get around to finishing it, so am hesitant about putting it on the shelf! I also think I need to step back, take some photos and study them to see what is missing from where. It always helps to see things a little more objectively!

  4. I understand you, sometime is so difficult to find the materials that I'd like to give up everything. But your work is so good that you have to go on. Only find back the enthusiasm of first days. Rosanna

  5. So lovely. I love your work. Very beautiful and I love how you are always planning your next thing. Have a wonderful weekend. Mini hugs!

  6. I really enjoy visiting your blog. The pictures are beautiful.
    Your house might not be finished...but it sure looks great to me.

  7. Thanks for the 'link' Shannon...I had a lot of fun...bought a few things, hope they will be okay!!
    Do not worry about taking your time with your house, I think it is better to wait and get the 'right piece' rather than 'made do' with something else and not be happy....but I do understand your frustration!!

  8. Oh Shannon, it's a fantastic bed and a beautiful room. I love the things you make!
    I'm hearing you about finishing the annoying things!

  9. Hi Shannon, I have given you a challenge, please come to my blog to see what it is, I have to pass it on :)

  10. Wow..I love your bedroom and and falling in love with the bed...most beautiful bed I have ever seen in mini!

  11. omg woman!!! this is fabulous...i am green!!! :P

  12. Such a lovely bedroom!!! I have to come back,seeing how your house will growing.Jeannette