Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quick update on French Shop

I have been a bad blogger of late. Trying to organise my wedding stuff (hating it) and working on my competition entry. But I've partially painted my shingles at long last! I think they need some more colour to give them some variation. Also need to paint the gutters and then add trim around the very top of the roof.

I have pretty much finished the kitchen I think, except for the addition of some very cute little crochet potholders I purchased. I need to make a little hook to hang one beside the stove.

I think when I get the roof painting finished, it will be time to move it off the work table and start something else. Something smaller and quicker this time though!!


  1. Wow! Shannon that looks so everything you do!
    Good luck with the wedding preparations!

  2. I really love this house! You have done such a great job!!

  3. fabulous!!!!!!! i'm watching all this to get ideas for my Chateau insides....when i eventually get time to do it :P thanks for the pics :) Linda

  4. I love the kitchen and the colours you chose for the outside of the house, can I ask you something??Im looking for a stove like the one you have, where did you purchase it??It's amazing!

  5. O I'm just loving it!! The kitchen is darling and the exterior looks very good too. Think that colourvariation in the shingels will only make it more beautiful!

  6. Begona, thanks for the compliments! I got the stove from Phoenix Miniatures:

    Thanks to everyone else for your encouraging words! I must keep plugging along and finish this baby.

  7. Shannon,I love your house!!!
    You have done a wonderful job !
    The kitchen is looking great.

  8. Hi...

    such a beautiful thing is had to expose to the museum!

    exceptional, many compliments.