Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Which bed?

Or rather, which finish? I need some advice please! I can't decide whether I like the bed for my Gingerbread cottage plain timber or with fabric panels. Please ignore the roughness of my sanding - it isn't finished. Also, I won't neaten it up if I put fabric panels on it.

Also, here's a pic of some seating for the cottage. I have yet to add piping/cord trim to neaten them up a bit, and can't decide whether the timber should have a sheen or be matte.

I am still working on the house itself, but need some of the styrene stone sheeting, as I am not good at the paperclay stone thing!


  1. Best bed without fabric panels.
    I would prove with some old drawings of flowers or angels...

  2. I love the bed with the fabric panels.

    All the furniture is wonderful, I totally LOVE them all, can I ask where have you gotten them? Wonderful :)

  3. Shannon,
    Really lovely! The setting looks wonderful in matte. In terms of the bed, I tend to like it without the panels but your choice of bedding could affect it. Maybe put on some bedding and see how it looks then? You work is always so beautiful!!

  4. I love it with fabric and everything without gloss.
    Wonderful furniture!

  5. I prefer the bed plain. I love to see the beauty of wood and hate to cover it up. Also the bedding would not show up as well with the fabric panels. You could have some beautiful bedding with the plain wood.

  6. The bed is beautiful, but must admit I prefer it without the fabric. I really love the chairs. I´m looking for something like that for my Gypsy Boudoir Shop... Marie Antoinette style.

  7. Love the fabric panels and your chairs are beautiful!

  8. I love the bed without the panels but it should be what you like most. This will be fine, you always make beautiful things
    groetjes Ingrid

  9. You know of course these are my two pieces are my favorites (chair/settee), and I would definetly leave the wood in a matte finish. How are you!