Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Found it!

Here it is! The printable books I was wanting! Thank you to Carrie for offering great printable books. And thank you also to all of you that responded to my question! It is much appreciated.

I now have another question! I received these pieces with the Chrysnbon hall stand kit. I think the piece still attached to the frame thing is a door stop. Not sure what the others are though. Anyone know?

On other non-mini news, we booked our flights to Paris last week! Very exciting! It is a long way off - 7 months! - but some of the places we wanted to stay are already booked out! Crazy! So we are going ahead and booking our accommodation now too. In the search for great places to stay, I found this picture and thought you might be interested:

It is a seaside residence in Saint-Malo.

And lastly, a little bit of interior inspiration, which popped up in a google images search:

So pretty! I am definitely reproducing this room. Not sure which project though.... there are of course too many! Have a great Friday everyone.


  1. From what I know of this kit, it look's like an old fashioned phone...the ear piece, mouth piece and hook. It should have a photo of the completed kit on the front of the packet. If not, try and find the kit online and it should have an image of it. :o))

    Michelle xx

  2. Scratch that comment Shannon! lol

    I found this link, and it looks different from yours pieces!

    Michelle x

  3. Ha ha! Thanks Michelle for trying! I'm sure I've seen these types of things before but haven't been able to put my finger on it. Will keep investigating!

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  5. You definitely have the Chrysnbon phone pieces. I have just purchased a complete one. You have the mouth piece and the ear piece and the stirrup rest ofr it. It goes on the left of the phone. There should be a little black crank that fits on the right on the phone. I think one of those smaller round pieces fits on top of the ear piece and the end of the phone cord goes into it.

    Here's a picture of it on this site.

    Thanks for the book cover mention. I had forgotten to post up more so I will do that today. Thanks for the reminder! Carrie

  6. i am a beginner, we are building our first house, and I like to look for inspiration and learning
    Congratulations and greetings from mexico

  7. Shannon ... love the photo of the sweet room with the pale green amoire! After your nice letter, and all this time, I've finally looked up Sid Cooke's Coxwold store kit, and it's definitly one I'd put on my wish list too! So happy you're planning another Paris trip ... bring back pix for us! Still trying to find time to work on my miniatures, but now comes the wrong time of year to look for a bit extra ... Christmas and all. Cheers, M

  8. You're right - it is very lovely!

    all your blog is.

    From Tyla @

  9. ooooh ... you've been away far too long ... miss you and all the wonderful things you do. Hope this finds you and yours healthy and happy. m