Friday, April 3, 2015

Thanks for photo tips

A chilly hello from Ballarat, a lovely old city from the Victorian gold rush era. It is only early April, but is already feeling very wintery. Yesterday I walked around in a long sleeve t-shirt, a wool jumper and a puffa jacket, it was that cold. But Ballarat is one of those cold places, certainly colder than it is where we come from.

I wasn't really intending posting about our weekend away, but instead thanking people for their photography tips. I will try everyone's tips to see if it helps, but my photos are generally pretty clear. It still seems that the problem is the uploading to blogger. I think it may be something to do with using the blogger app that I use. Anyway, I will keep fiddling with the settings of the camera and blogger and see what happens.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, wherever you are.


  1. Wishing you a Very Happy Easter weekend Shannon! I think that I shall have to test out some of those photo suggestions too! :D

  2. Hi Shannon, Happy Easter from another Ballarat resident. Yes the weather is getting cooler but the Autumn days have been just beautiful.

  3. hi Shannon, I did not realize that you are in Ballarat. Vistited your gold rush town two years ago during a three month trip in Victoria and Tasmania. Two of my cousins live in Daylesford,
    It can get very cold there, I went to school for a year in Bairnsdale .... brrr , the wind off the Snowy Mountains was bitter!
    Have a lovely Easter.
    regards Janine

  4. Thanks Elizabeth! Cameras are one of those things that make no sense to me. It's why I have mine set on auto all the time!

    Vicki and Janine, I was just visiting Ballarat for the weekend, and it is lovely but glad to be only visiting! I am from Bairnsdale, amazingly! Which school did you go to Janine? I grew up here in Bairnsdale. It is nice but can get pretty cold over winter (but not as bad as Ballarat!).

  5. Hi Shannon, What a small world. I went to the public school. My Grandfather Favel Wordsworth had died and the Estate was very complicated.
    My parents went down and stayed in my Grandfathers house and I went to school. I believe that was in 1963.
    My best friend was Leslie ??., who lived at Lakes Entrance. Leslie visited us in Canada in 1976/77.
    Her surname excapes me at present.
    regards Janine