Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Melbourne Miniatures Fair 2015

Hello everyone. Despite terrible wintery weather, I had a rather pleasant visit to the Melbourne miniatures fair on the weekend just gone. Lots of great goodies but having just given up paid employment, money was a little tight. But I did get a few great things. I am really impressed at the standard of mini knitters here. I purchased these off a New Zealand lady. She had a whole range of Beatrix Potter characters, and it was really hard to choose. She also did dolls, gollies, monkeys, pigs, lots of things.

I couldn't go past Mr Tod, and then went back for Benjamin. They are currently of no fixed (dollhouse) address, but they will find a home no worries!

The same lady also made teapots, so I picked this up for a future cottage. It is 1:24 scale.

More tiny knitted toys, from a different seller, which are sitting on a 1:24 chair, with a 1:48 scale teaset. 

I can vaguely knit, and seeing these makes me want to be able to knit well. Maybe one day I will have some time to learn! I am better at crocheting, so thought I could try making tiny amigurumi animals - how cute would they look? 

I'd seen this tea set at the fair last year and regretted not buying it. It's not the fanciest set, it wasn't very expensive, but hey, I'll never afford the real silver that is hand-made, so I am happy with these. 

I hope you are all well and that you have a good week ahead of you.


  1. I LOVE every single one of your purchases Shannon! The knitted toys are Real Treasures but then again so are the tea sets both the child's set as well as the Faux Silver Service. I have no trouble justifying Faux Silver because most of the time it looks as authentic as Sterling. All of the engraving on this one plus the elegant shapes make it appear Very Expensive and thus a Very good investment! :D

  2. Tous vos petits achats tricots sont ravissants et le service à thé très chic!!!

  3. Hi Shannon,
    Glad you had fun at the Melbourne mini show. The tiny animals are great. Amazing really, I cannot imagine attempting to make them.
    Take care.

  4. Beautiful miniatures. I feel the same way as you about longing to be able to knit. Hope one day you find the time..and patience, in my experience that's what I myself often lack :D

  5. Oh I am in love with the pair in the first photo. Especially the bunny, so cute ! Looked back for your dollhouses, lovely projects you have there!