Saturday, October 17, 2015

French shop update

Hello all. Thought I'd show some pictures of the half scale French shop, as I've almost finished the exterior. It really only needs the shop name panel (which I painted and then lost) and door handles (which are cut and just need painting and gluing on).

I cut the roof tiles with my paper cutting machine. They are smaller than I intended (something to do with the exporting of the .svg file) but I still think they look OK. Once glued on, I sealed with a matte varnish, gave them a black wash and then dry brushed white over the top.

I have also had little handles cut for the commode and I'm quite happy with how these came out. Here is the chest finished with a smaller version of the commode and a small trumeau mirror, both of which will be available when I sort things out.

Some other things I am working on: (you can't tell but these turned out way too large and also I have changed the design quite a bit to make them a bit more realistic)

And a French canopied bed: 

It needs a little reworking, but overall I am happy with how it is going. 

I am having trouble getting the people who are selling the laser cutter to actually get it crated and send a request for payment, which is quite frustrating. It would only take about a week to get from America to Australia. Until I have the cutter, I am using a cutting service. It has it's benefits but I am restricted with the materials they will cut with. So I think most of the furniture kits will need to wait until I get my own cutter so I can use the materials I want to use. 

I also was considering making a castle as the third kit I design (the second one is almost done and will be a cottage). Are people interested in something like that? If so, what type/style and how big? I'd appreciate your views on this. If possible, post a link to pictures in your comments. 

I hope you are all having a great weekend.


  1. The shop is gorgeous Shannon and I'm loving that canopied bed!

  2. Wow! It all looks beautiful, Shannon. I really like how the French shop is turning out and the furniture is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing how you fine tuned it.
    Will you be selling them on you store?
    Best wishes

  3. El exterior de la casa es perfecto, me encanta, el comienzo de los muebles muy bonitos, feliz semana:-)

  4. I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! I only wish that your kits would be available in 1:12th as well as half inch because I would readily buy them all. The designs are Wonderful and the way that your French Shop has turned out is simply Marvelous. You have such a terrific design ascetic and looking at the finished chest of drawers and mirror, all I can say is - WOW!

  5. Thanks for the positive comments everyone! It means a lot to me, wanting to hit the right note and everything. Si, yes they will be, when I have a store set up. I will post when it (and the kits) are ready to go.

  6. I'm with Elizabeth - I hope you'll consider doing 12th scale too which shouldn't be too much of a problem since svg's are scalable. Just depends on the size cutter bed you're getting. A castle would be cool...something gothic and creepy =0P

  7. Thanks Pepper, glad you like! I have to admit the castle idea has me stumped! Just don't know where to start or what direction to head!

    I may consider 1:12 later, and yes I could scale the designs, but wouldn't be able to cut them on my own laser cut (too small) and it is pretty costly having them cut by a service. But again, will definitely keep it in mind. Perhaps I will offer them as small runs on a pre-order basis if demand exists.

    Have a great Halloween!

  8. Gorgeous creations, Shannon. Do you have the laser cutter yet?

  9. Almost Keli! "It's in the mail" as they say. It will go through Australian Customs soon and I'll get a tax and import duties bill, then once paid, it will be released and hopefully be in my shed very soon after! It will take a little getting used to so at this point I've ordered 10 of the house/shop kits from the professional cutting service. But now just waiting for her to get more ply in! Good things come to those who wait I suppose!