Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ACT show

Hi all. Happy midweek! Some photos of my table at last weekend's miniature show in Canberra:

The food they provided was amazing. This was my delicious chocolate cupcake with white chocolate frosting:

It was only a small show, and not a lot of people through, but it was a fun day and I sold a few things. Also got a lot of encouragement and positive feedback. I should be attending the Sydney show too, at the end of next month so lots of prep work ahead for that one! I hope to have more of my kits listed within the next week, including my new cottage kit.

Hope you are all well. Enjoy the rest of the week and have a safe and happy Easter, if you celebrate it.


  1. Love your kits. Sadly can't quite afford to switch scales just yet. I especially love the shop on Etsy. I keep going to look at it!

  2. Your table looks great and your kits look superb!!

  3. Muy bonitas las casas que llevaste.Feliz Pascua:-)

  4. You had a great looking table Shannon! I am glad that you were able to show off your INCREDIBLE work and that you made some sales too! :D