Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tiny doll production line

A quick Saturday night hello. I have been painting these little ladies this week. I have since drilled the holes for arms and legs to be joined. Now they just need dressing and hair on some. Also need to figure out how to assemble the parion dolls - might need to do some googling. Hope your weekend is going OK.

PS I think I finally figured out why my photos are blurry. It seems to be something to do with loading photos onto my ipad from my sd card - perhaps uploading at a lower resolution. Ipads can be weird....


  1. cute! Sweet little faces.

  2. I love their expressions, Shannon.
    Good luck with the photos - I thought technology was meant to make things easier? But all I seem to do is wish things would stop changing!

    1. Thanks Si. I am trying to get better with the painting. Some of the little mouths aren't great but practice practice practice! And totally agree re technology - constant changes for no good reason a lot of the time. I can't understand it.

  3. These are already looking Extremely Cute and they are only half dressed!
    Your talents are Amazing Shannon, and I am LOVING what you are doing with these tiny dollhouse dolls! :D