Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not feeling great

Well, I have been a bit slack these last couple of weeks with my blog as I was making an outfit to enter into a competition. Each year, many of the farming districts around the country have what are called field days - these are for farmers to show their produce and go see all the latest in farm equipment, technology, etc. They're actually quite interesting - gourmet foods, wines, hand-made stuff, demonstrations, animals, etc. They also have a competition called Ag Art Wear. It has to be a garment made from agricultural products or things found on a farm. This year I made a Marie Antoinette style outfit which I called 'Marie had a little lamb'. It is mostly made from wool pack (what they package wool in after it is shorn from a sheep to be trucked off to whoever is buying it) as well as baling twine and frost mat (used on fruit trees to avoid frost damage). The wig is made from silage wrap.
Anyways, it won the section, which is very exciting. I will now show it later in the year at the national competition. If it wins that, it goes off to New Zealand to compete in the internation competition. I don't think it will go that far though, as the standard is very high.

Despite this excitement, we recieved some news today which is just frustrating and a little worrying. We had a major issue for 2 years which really made us re-assess our lives. It was over and done with 6 months ago, but we recieved news today that it apparently isn't over with. Fortunately at this stage, it does not involve us and we can only hope it goes no further. I can't elaborate, but it is so hard to think 'what did we do to deserve this?' It seems that no matter how much you don't deserve something, and how wrong the thing is, you just get dumped with it. I'm tired of it is all. Life can be so incredibly frustrating.

So on to something to cheer me up, minis!! Something I did some time ago, yet to be finished:

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