Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Real life-size inspiration

These pics are some of my favourites from Flickr.

I love teddies, and it would be awesome to create these in mini scale. I can dream! Perhaps one day I will think of a way to do it. I think the maths and thinking behind figuring these details out is part of the attraction of minis for me. The photo came from Jillybug's Flickr.

The next pic is a shop I think, taken from It's a chimmy simmy world's Flickr.

I'd love to make a mini version. I think I will incorporate it into my own French shoppe. The colours are superb. I especially love the little cardigans in frames on the back wall and the trinket box on the cake plate to the left of the screen. I also love the use of multiple wallpapers - very whimsical and great for using leftover pieces of wallpaper!

Lastly, I have a pic of a beautiful French house. I spend ages looking at the French real-estate websites! Some amazing places and seriously old too.

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